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Take your language learning to the next level!

Are you working to learn a language but need people to practice with? If so, you've found the right place - welcome to the NC Language Exchange!

Here, we have language meetups and exchanges in various cities in North Carolina for a number of languages. Our most active language exchanges are Spanish, English, and we are getting started with French, but let me know if there are others you would like to create events for.

Check out our community resource to improve your language skills quickly: http://lexoapp.com . Lexo is a tool we are actively working on based on a concept called the Comprehensible Input Method, which is designed to help you improve your language skills quickly by listening to natural audio content from native speakers of that language. Like the idea? You can contribute by participating in one of our local community recording sessions and sharing your native language with others. Email brian@lexoapp.com to inquire for more information.

How does our live Meetup events work?

In the NC Language Exchange you can share the languages you are fluent in with others, in order to help them learn your language. At the same time, if you are looking to practice a new language you are trying to learn, you can attend and learn from others. It's a lot of fun!

Sometimes we will meet at restaurants and practice the language of interest over food and drink, other times we will meet for other special events (music events, house parties, festivals, etc.). Some of these are ongoing events on a regular schedule, others are one-time opportunities.

I hope to see you at a NC Language Exchange event to improve your language skills soon!

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