• Comment on Local Issues

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    This is the season when local governments work on their budgets, which start at the beginning of July.

    Different local groups have petitions asking for budget items. For example, you can sign a petition from Bike Durham asking for progress on Vision Zero, which is to have no more deaths of bicycle riders or pedestrians on our roads.

    Also, the Comprehensive Plan, which set

  • Meat-free Monday -- Breakfast for Dinner

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    By April, we should be used to Daylight Savings Time, but if not, a good breakfast would help face the early morning. Or you could just do breakfast for dinner -- be an outlaw and play around with plant-based recipes that can be happily eaten any time of day.

    April Food for Thought: Eight recipes for breakfast for dinner: https://www.mondaycampaigns.org/meatless-monday/eat-breakfast-for-dinner-with-these-8-plant-based-recipes

    Real Food for April: This quick, easy yum is good any time: Crunchy Berry Parfait

    #### Ingredients

    • 1/2 cup yogurt, non-fat vanilla
    • 1 cup blueberries or strawberries (fresh or frozen thawed)
    • 1/2 cup low-fat granola (or crunchy cereal)

    #### Directions

    1. Wash hands with soap and water.
    2. Spoon yogurt into glass, then top with fruit and granola.Makes 1 serving.

    The treasure this month is spring greens! Whether tame (like Swiss chard) or wild (dandelions), they make a great spring tonic. The farmers' markets will have a colorful selection. Cook with garlic in a little oil, add a splash of vinegar.

    More information: https://www.mondaycampaigns.org/meatless-monday

    We hope we can eventually get together to share food, but for now, we are feasting separately and then sharing pictures and recipes.

  • Learn about Spring Wildflowers in the Southern Appalachians

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    Join naturalist Scott Dean for a discussion and photos of our region’s native spring wildflowers. As we emerge from winter, so do many of our most beautiful flowers. Dean will discuss natural history, adaptations for life in the mountains, and the folklore of these wondrous things. He will also talk about some of the animals that make the region their home.

    A biologist, Scott Dean has called Western North Carolina home since 1992. He was a walk leader and featured speaker for the UNC-Asheville Wildflower Pilgrimage from 1995 until 2015. Dean has led wildlife and wildflower walks at the Western North Carolina Nature Center, where he worked for a year building the cougar and bobcat habitats. He served as First Vice President of the Friends of the Nature Center as well as serving on the Town of Weaverville Tree Board. With his photography, he was a featured speaker at the 2011 Great Smoky Mountains Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage. He developed the original curricula and still teaches field classes for the Blue Ridge Naturalist program now offered at the NC Arboretum.

    This free program is open to the public. Advance registration is on WNCSierraClub.org or through this link:

    This is the monthly program of the Sierra Club group in Asheville.