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Monthly presentation nights providing technical presentations of interest to Java software developers, especially focusing on aspects of the Java language and JVM, system & application architecture, third party frameworks & components, as well as other areas of interest (e.g. career management, business-social skills, pizza, etc.).

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Codin'-Up Some Chaos

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Don't fear entropy, embrace it.
When you move toward distributed computing the likelihood of failure proportionally increases. It's not your fault, it's simply physics. Once you start spreading your data and applications across more devices, then access to resources such as CPU, memory, and I/O has a higher rate of failure.
Embrace entropy with chaos experiments and increase your cloud native capability model. We'll first investigate how to design Chaos experiments with Java then we'll investigate some of the leading chaos frameworks for Kubernetes and dive into hands-on experiments targeted within blast radiuses.
Speaker Bio:
Jonathan Johnson is an independent software architect with a concentration on helping others unpack the riches in the cloud native and Kubernetes ecosystems.
For 30 years Jonathan has been designing useful software to move businesses forward. Throughout the years, his focus has been moving with industry advances benefitting from Moore’s Law. Today he enjoys sharing his experience with peers and students. He provides perspective on ways to modernize application architectures while adhering to the fundamentals of modularity - high cohesion and low coupling using microservices, containers, and Kubernetes.
You can often find Jonathan providing fundamental and advanced topic workshops on the O'Reilly platform, with No Fluff Just Stuff software symposiums, and other conference series. See Jonathan's website for more detail

Quarkus for Spring Developers

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In this session, we will show concepts and conventions familiar to Spring developers and how those same concepts and conventions can be implemented in Quarkus, all while highlighting similarities and differences between them. Additionally, we will show similarities and differences in how testing is done, highlighting Quarkus Dev Services.

We will also introduce the Spring compatibility in Quarkus and how to quickly migrate a Spring Boot microservice application to Quarkus with little-to-no code changes. Time permitting, we may even convert a Spring Boot microservice into Quarkus, live.


Eric Deandrea is a Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat, focusing on application development technologies. Eric has over 20 years of experience designing and building Java-based solutions and developer training programs for the financial services and insurance industries. He is also a contributor to various Open Source projects, including Quarkus and Spring. Eric recently put his Quarkus and Spring knowledge to use by publishing his first book, “Quarkus for Spring Developers.” He enjoys using DevOps-focused automation technologies to make life easy. Outside of work, Eric enjoys boating on the lakes of New Hampshire, ice hockey, and martial arts, in which he holds a black belt in Kempo Karate.

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Event Streaming and Processing using Apache Pulsar

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