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What we’re about

NerdBrew Events (originally, NerdBrew Trivia) was started when a small group of extremely geeky friends got together and decided to make local events that were actually fun to participate in, focusing on television, movies, video games, comics, science, history, and all the things that dweebs like us care about.
Our events offer prizes, raffles, party games, creative audience challenges, video games, karaoke, movie screenings, board games, competitions, and more to challenge and entertain β€” as well as theming, chances for bonus points, convention events, and even costume contests!
Why not swing by one of our events to see for yourself? We'd love to see you! And bring a friend (or a bunch of them)!

We have a lot more folks than Meetup lets on! You can check out the photos of the events on our Facebook page and/or ask who all is comin out on the Discord chat server!

P.S.**β€” Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and join the Discord!

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