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NerdBrew Events (originally, NerdBrew Trivia) was started when a small group of extremely geeky friends got together and decided to make local events that were actually fun to participate in, focusing on television, movies, video games, comics, science, history, and all the things that dweebs like us care about.

Our events offer prizes, raffles, party games, creative audience challenges, video games, karaoke, movie screenings, board games, competitions, and more to challenge and entertain — as well as theming, chances for bonus points, convention events, and even costume contests!

Why not swing by one of our events to see for yourself? We'd love to see you! And bring a friend (or a bunch of them)!

We have a lot more folks than Meetup lets on! You can check out the photos of the events on our Facebook page and/or ask who all is comin out on the Discord chat server!

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Upcoming events (4+)

Games & Grog - Party Games Social Night

Needs a location

Like party games, tabletop, video games, board games, bad 90's movies, amazing food, and awesome drink? Wanna meet some cool people who also like the same stuff?

Well then COME ON DOWN to Peabody's!!

We've got tons of board games to choose from ... Or feel free to bring your own!

We've also improved our lineup—we're bringing bad movies to watch on the surrounding screens, as well as JackBox, video games, and more!!

>>> We'll be in the BACK LEFT section of Peabody's, behind the main bar! Ask a friendly server if you can't find us! <<<

*** This event is 21+ ONLY! ***

Community Hang-out Night

Link visible for attendees

Stuck at home on a Saturday with nothing to do because of that nasty Coronavirus? Join us at 7 pm EST every Saturday in The Stream Couch on the NerdBrew Discord!: https://discord.io/nerdbrew to play computer games, watch some of your favorite classic nerd movies, and just hang out with fellow nerds!

If you want to support these digital events and want to see more support us on Patreon. We do a wide variety of events throughout the week from video games, board games, and different watch parties. We also have our NerdBrew TV channel set up nonstop playing TV and movies. So add us on Facebook for a list of all of our events and don't forget to check our Discord for random pop up events. Don't go through the Coronavirus alone.

Taps & Drafts New Capenna Sealed Event

Needs a location

Join us Sunday, May 29th for a special Taps & Drafts! We are hosting a New Capenna Sealed event at MacDinton's Soho! Sign up for a chance to get extra goodies, prizes, and an hourly raffle! Illuminerdy members can use their monthly event pass to get into one of the events free.

New to Magic the Gathering or to the Commander/EDH format? Don't worry we will have hosts on location to teach people how to play the game! NerdBrew will also be providing Commander/EDH decks to borrow for casual open play, so you can play even if you don't have your cards!


  • New Capenna Sealed Event – Entry will be $30

This event will get you a chance for prizes or entry into our hourly raffle!

Reserve your spot and buy tickets to the event early HERE: https://nerdbrew.gg/products/taps-drafts-mtg-may-29th

Join Illuminerdy

Are you a NerdBrew regular or would love to attend a LOT of events and get discounts at our favorite spots?

Sign up for the Illuminerdy subscription and get into one NerdBrew event free once a month, including this one!



Hope to see you there!

MtG EDH & eSports Watch Party! Karaoke Pre-gamin!

Needs a location

Heyoooo! Do you play MtG? Do you like vidya games or even better love competitive eSport vidya games?
Come hang with us every Sunday, indoors at MacDintons /w half off liquor and shots all day!

We take over the inside projectors & TVs to watch competitive video game play, bust out the Magic cards & board games, and have an awesome Sunday afternoon while we wind up for our Nerdy Karaoke at 8pm!

Our usual MtG play is EDH/Commander and we have house decks for folks who don't have any or want to learn! We also regularly run old pre-releases and have a couple of fun ways to break a box between four friends!
Come check us out!

Have questions or want to meet the crowd before coming out or braving the trip? Join Tampa's biggest publicly listed nerdy chat Discord at Discord.io/Nerdbrew !

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Cut

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