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Taps and Drafts is back! Join us on March 22nd at Yard Of Ale at 5 PM!
Whether you're a regular Magic: The Gathering player, a TCG player of another flavor, or if you're new and looking to learn, grab a pint and join us on March 22nd at Yard Of Ale for Theros Beyond Death Prerelease KIT sealed event and Chaos drafts!

NerdBrew will be is providing Commander/EDH decks to borrow for free/casual open play, so you can play even if you don't have your cards!

NerdBrew will be bringing additional board games and other entertainment, so there's always something to do for everyone!

>Entry for the Theros Beyond Death Pre-release sealed event will be $25
>Entry for the Chaos Draft will be $12
> Both events will have a chance to win a pack per win!


Hope to see you there! :D