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This is a FREE group that meets the second Wednesday of every month (usually). We meet at the Microsoft offices at 5 Wayside Road, Burlington, MA. RSVPs to meeting generally open up 1 week prior to meeting. An email will be sent out announcing the meeting. Please RSVP to attend. Look forward to seeing you.

NESQL Code of Conduct: https://www.meetup.com/NESQLUG/pages/30525259/NESQL_Code_of_Conduct/

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When to use indexing pro features ~ Andy Mallon

Online event

Using the right index for the right scenario can be the "go fast" button that keeps queries and customers happy. Over the years, Microsoft has given us many different indexing options and flavors. Today there are many more considerations beyond "clustered or non clustered". We'll cover all those different flavor options: Filtered, Compressed, Columnstore, included columns, and Partitioning. We'll cover an overview of what each of these options is, and then dive into some code examples to see how and when each of these work, and when they don't. You will leave the session with a much better idea of how and when to use each of these special indexing flavors to meet your needs. Speaker: Andy is a Data Platform MVP and SQL Server DBA that has managed databases in the healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and non-profit sectors. Andy is currently SQL Server Infrastructure Architect at Wayfair.com. He has been supporting high-volume, highly-available OLTP environments with demanding performance needs since 2003. Andy is the founder of the BostonSQL User Group, and previous co-organizer of SQL Saturday events in Boston. Andy lives just outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA with his husband and their two dogs. See more of Andy's work on his site at am2.co

T-SQL Bad Habits: 2021 Edition ~ Aaron Bertrand

Online event

We all have those little things we do in T-SQL, not realizing they are unreadable to other engineers, ticking time bombs, or both. Let’s turn some of those bad habits into best practices, improving both productivity and performance. About Aaron Bertrand: An architect at Wayfair who has worked with SQL Server for over two decades, Aaron speaks frequently, blogs at http://sqlblog.org, and has been a Microsoft MVP since 1997.

Defeating Parameter Sniffing With Dynamic SQL ~ Erik Darling

Parameter sniffing can be a huge performance problem, and fixing it can feel like an exercise in futility. If you're ready to go beyond recompiles and unknowns and solve problems for real, come to this session. Erik Darling will teach you techniques to fix parameter sniffing problems for good. About Erik Darling: Erik is an independent consultant focused on query, index, and hardware tuning SQL Server. He's written hundreds of blog posts, a book, and performance tuning white papers all about making databases go faster. https://erikdarlingdata.com/ https://twitter.com/erikdarlingdata

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