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What we’re about

Network Fifty Two was founded in 2016 by Maria Jeancola, who has spent her entire career in business development and marketing. Maria attends upwards of 25 networking events per month to meet new people, market her business, and further enhance her knowledge of entrepreneurship. 

Maria is that person who "knows everyone." If you need a painter, she knows one. How about a realtor? Yep, she knows a few. Need life insurance? Well, Maria knows a great guy to help. The point isn't that Maria is a social butterfly and engages in conversation with everyone that she is that she knows how to network. She knows the importance of building valuable relationships with people in all industries that she knows, likes, and trusts. 

Maria reached a point where multiple times per day people were asking her for a referral, help networking, knowledge of any available jobs, and much more. She decided that out of all of the networking groups she was a part of, there wasn't one she was in love with. One that she looked forward to attending each week. And most importantly, one that she felt like she benefited from every single time she attended. So Network Fifty Two was born.

Every Thursday at noon, one of the chapters meet. They alternate bi-weekly between the westside and the eastside. There is no attendance requirement or membership fee like most other networking/referral groups. Just show up with lots of business cards, a smile on your face, and an open mind! Maria directs the meeting so that everyone gets a chance to talk and share what they do. She will go over any upcoming networking events that she knows of as well as ask the members to share any others. But the best part is at the end of the meeting, Maria makes sure that everyone leaves with at least one solid connection with another person in the group. That may be an exchange of business cards, a phone call, meeting over coffee, or something more. So far, the feedback from attendees has been phenomenal! 

If you have any questions or would like to attend a meeting, please feel free to RSVP through Meetup or give Maria a call at 440-320-7320.