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Netzwerk Philadelphia's mission is to make the Philadelphia region a welcoming home to German-speakers of all backgrounds, a destination and resource for German-speaking visitors and businesses, and a forum for dialogue between the United States and Europe.

We currently hold weekly, informal get-togethers for German conversation, host frequent special events and celebrations for both German and English speakers, and promote relevant events and resources in the region. Our web site hosts our calendar and provides a way to announce events and for members to communicate with each other on-line.

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Main Line & Media Stammtisch - ONLINE

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Wir freuen uns auf Teilnehmer von fern und nah! Achtung neue Teilnehmer: Bitte wendet Euch fuer den Passcode an einen der Hosts.

Gita, Michael und Nils

Center City Treffen

Brauhaus Schmitz

Liebe Leute! Donnerstagabend Stammtisch ist wieder da! Wir treffen uns bei Brauhaus Schmitz ab 18:30. Gabriele und die andere Gastgeber freuen sich, Euch zu sehen und mit Euch zu reden. Falls ihr uns nicht findet, frage gern die Bedienung nach dem Stammtisch. Wir sitzen drinnen oder draußen je nach dem Wetter und welchem Tisch zu Verfügung steht.

Doylestown Stammtisch

Farmhouse Tavern

If you have Nutella in your closet and speak German then you have found the right site!

Doylestown hat jetzt seinen eigenen Stammtisch. Wir sind eine gemischte Gruppe aus Deutschen/Amerikanern, die es geniessen, auf Deutsch miteinander zu schwaetzen. Get together with local people who are interested in speaking German. Freshen up your German in a fun way, by having informal conversations with friendly people.

For those new to the Stammtisch experience, no worries. Stammtisch is open to anyone at any level of proficiency in German. The point is informal conversation in a relaxed atmosphere with native and non-native speakers. To facilitate this, the amerikanische "du" rule is always in effect. That is, everyone is on a first-name basis and addresses one another with the informal "du", rather than "Sie," in order remove any anxieties or misunderstandings that may come up.

This event is free - pay only for what you order. Please be prepared to pay with cash, as often it is not an option to get separate checks. Should that be the case, please be vigilant of what you order and how much you leave for tip, so that others aren't left paying more than necessary. If you can't find us, ask the staff and they should be able to direct you.

Stammtisch is a very informal event: people come and go when they wish. If you arrive and no one is there, you may just be the first person to arrive. Have a seat and hang out for a bit!

Center City Wochenende Stammtisch

Love City Brewing

Wir treffen uns jeden Samstag um 12 Uhr in der Love City Brauerei und unterhalten uns auf Deutsch (und duzen einander). Alle Deutschsprecher sind herzlich willkommen!

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Center City Wochenende Stammtisch

Love City Brewing

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