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What we’re about

Neuroscience is set to be one of the most high growth industries in the next 5 years. It influences our experience of the world, the advancement of technology ( AI ), and the augmentation of our cognitive abilities. It will touch every aspect of our lives. 

Neuroscience is also going through a change as it bridges its transition into industry. The movement is driven by both an industry need for more sophisticated tools and a desire for the discipline to move beyond academia.

In short, it is a great time to be curious about and work within neuroscience, and, we think, the perfect time to activate this meet-up in order to unify the neuroscience community. 

The group will has three main objectives 

1// A platform of educational and practical events

2// A platform for collaboration between supporting sciences and interested industries

3// A showcase platform for rising neuroscience based enterprises 

We want this to be an open and collaborative community, so any suggestions or ideas do send us an email.