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“New Beginnings Social Club” also often referred to as NBSC was formed almost a decade ago with the idea to have fun, enjoyable meetups in Edmonton and surrounding areas welcoming people from all age groups and walks of life. The whole concept of stepping out and meeting new people, making new friends while enjoying the fun activities together is just thrilling and exciting.

The leadership, membership and activities of NBSC have evolved since its inception providing a wide variety of fun and leisure activities under one umbrella giving the members a huge selection of events they desire to attend. Our events and activities include lunches, dinners, coffee outings, dancing, karaoke, community events, walks and wings, archery, axe throwing and sports activities to name a few.

A message from our Organizers (there are 20 of us!!)

We like meeting new members and really enjoy getting together.. We truly are here to add quality to all of our lives. We thank you to all of you for being a part of this group and making it a huge success.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

COST FOR MEMBERSHIP There is no cost for becoming a member. However some events may include personal costs (meals, drinks etc.) or a small charge if the organizer has out of pocket expense for the event.

PROFILE PICTURES: We believe in SAFETY FIRST. That means all members must maintain a clearly visible and identifiable HEAD SHOT PROFILE picture of oneself at all times. IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THIS, SIMPLY ASK YOUR ORGANIZER AT YOUR NEXT EVENT :) We don't want to remove you because we don't think you are a real person, but we just might! Put up a real picture and let us truly know who is coming to our events. Everyone feels more comfortable when they can recognize who is there.

INACTIVE MEMBERS: We can't imagine why you would not be coming regularly to the events...but we understand you have some FAV events and only attend those ones. And some are seasonal. Members who have not visited the NBSC website for more than 12 months will be deemed to be not interested in the activities and will be removed from membership however they can rejoin the group at any time in the future. WANT TO STAY ACTIVE?? Simply RSVP no once in a while...that way we know you are still out there!

NO SHOWS: I was thinking that maybe we should have a "Rude Tax" LOL! But seriously, it is rude to RSVP and not show up! The host and other members plan for a certain number of people to be there. They may have had to make a reservation, or save seats or something. Be nice. Let them know if your plans change AS SOON AS your plans change. Just go back to the event and RSVP no - but please give them fair notice. And sometimes, yes, things come up...so even if the event started, you can still post a message in the group.

Members who have a yes RSVP for an event and do not show up for the event will be considered and marked as a no show. Members also might be considered no shows if they are regularly changing their RSVP to NO within a few hours of an event starting without any proper notification to the event host. Three no show occurrences may result in removal of membership and a possible ban from rejoining the group. Banning a member will be on the sole discretion of the NBSC leadership team depending on the attendance history of the member. Members are expected to notify the event organizers\hosts in case they are unable to attend an event by changing their “YES” RSVP to a “NO”. It is just as easy to UN-RSVP as it RSVP.


We are a friendly group. We don't like mean people. Ever. So be nice. Play nice. If you have a problem with someone, take it out of the group. And "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all." (a quote from my grandma!) But if you truly have a problem and you need to let the organizers know please do. We can't have mean people coming to our events!

MEETUP AND PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK: As a note of caution NBSC event organizers and event hosts are not liable or responsible for any loss or damage that a member may suffer from your activities during a posted event. We also have the right to post pictures from the event on this site. You understand and agree to join at your own risk.

So now go out there, have fun and let's Meetup!

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