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What we’re about

This group exists as an offshoot of the New Mexico Cross Country Ski Club ( They are a very friendly and welcoming bunch of people and besides - they pay the bills. We are not exactly them though. This Meetup group is free and is for those who are interested in discovering or rediscovering the world of cross country skiing. Our primary purpose is to offer lower-level outings so anyone can get out, have some fun and find out if this brand of winter outdoor experience is for them. If you find you like it, the NMCC Ski Club offers a broader range of outings, destinations, education and outdoor cameraderie. We also hope to provide a forum for the exchange of ski info for the greater NM x-c ski community (snow conditions, trailhead locations, gear exchange, etc.).
We at this Meetup are not about snowshoeing, down-hill skiing or other winter sports.  There are several local organizations that do an excellent job of providing these experiences.  Although this Meetup is all about helping the new or rusty x-c skier find or regain their snow legs, the New Mexico Cross Country Ski Club welcomes cross-country, nordic, backcountry, telemark and alpine skiers as well as snowshoers.  check them out at:
Note that for beginner type outings, there has to be good enough local snow to make it worth while.  That is outside our control and better in some years than others.