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What we’re about

Please click on “READ MORE” and review all of the information before applying to join.
As part of the application process, you must contact Dianne Hewitt Dubois directly by phone at the number listed on the application form or by email:
It is imperative that you contact Dianne in order to complete the application process.

All qualified applicants are placed on a wait list after they have learned how New Tampa Seniors works to be sure we are the right group for you. The NTS Organizer team will review all applications and admit new members when we have openings in the group for new members.

We intentionally limit our number of members to provide a safe way for seniors to make friends, socialize and participate in activities that we organize.  By being age appropriate (60+), living within our geographic area (10 mile radius of I-75/I-275 split north of Tampa), and by us providing a wide range of activities for our members to enjoy, we hope to welcome those who want to actively participate with the frequency necessary to foster friendships.  Until you are approved for membership you will be unable to see the details on our events.  Once approved you will have full access to our website and the ability to RSVP to our fully explained events.

NTS is a senior’s social group – NOT a dating club.  We welcome married or single seniors who sincerely want to make new friends and enrich their lives.  There are many “singles” and “mate seeking” groups and websites out there for you to join if that is your primary intent.
·         We are a private, not-for-profit group, administered by uncompensated volunteers.  We reserve the right to deny or terminate membership to anyone who cannot meet our membership criteria.
·         Because our communications are all done via our website and by email, members must be computer literate enough to stay fully informed about RSVP’s or payment deadlines for purchase of admissions to events.
·         NTS does not provide access in any form for any vendor, agency or member to attempt to sell services or products to us or solicit for any charity or cause.  NTS is not a political or religious organization.  We will not provide a forum for any agency, individual or member to attempt to influence us as to their religious or political viewpoints.
·         What we ask is that all members treat each other and personnel at our venues with respect, tip appropriately, and respect the efforts of those that plan our Meetup activities by showing up when you say you’re going to.  Those who are abusive, inactive, frequently cancel at the last minute, or are “no-show” more than two times or fail to pay for tickets ordered, are subject to removal from the group.
·         We will usually post about 10 activities per month such as performing arts, live music, museums, guided tours, boat rides, one-tank trips, botanical gardens, Just Lunches, social gatherings, games and more.  **Active membership does not require attending everything – just those events where interest, availability and affordability align.  By attending a wide range of activities you will get to meet and share experiences with those who have common interests.  Voila = friendships arise! Some of our events are free and we also strive to get the best prices available (best seats, too) for the ticketed meetups.
·         If you wish to be considered for membership, and assuming that you qualify according to our membership criteria, would like to join our happy family, and actively participate, then click on the “Join” button and start the process.
·         Your profile must have a good headshot photograph of yourself (it’s a safety issue that we recognize you when you attend our Meetups).
·         Your name must be real with a first and last name (just last initial is ok if you insist – but we have a bunch of Dianes, Debbies, Nancys, and Susans!)  Contact Dianne Hewitt Dubois our membership coordinator at or the phone number listed on the application**.**  Your application will not be complete until Dianne hears from you.
·         For our geographic perimeter, the pivot point at the intersection of I-75 and I-275 apex in Wesley Chapel and extend the range out a radius of 10 miles from that point.  This “boundary” is loosely defined as being bordered by Hwy 52 on the north, Suncoast Parkway on the west, Busch Blvd on the south and 301 on the east.  Included in this territory would be New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace and Zephyrhills.  The purpose of geographic boundaries is to promote frequency of attendance and access to carpools.
·         To defray the cost of the website and other expenses, our annual dues are $15 ($30 for couples) payable by January 1 of each year.  For those joining after July 1st, the pro-rated first year dues will be $7.50, payable at the first event attended.  Dues are non-refundable.