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What we’re about

Welcome to our group. 

Who we are:

We are a group of men and women who are either divorced, separated, co-parenting, widow/widower, contemplating divorce and/or separation. 

Our Goal & Purpose:

We strive to build and grow an online community where members are in a comfortable and trusting environment, where you interact with people who have been through or going through hurts, emotions and painful experiences of divorce, separation, loss of loved one and where you learn ways to restore your hope and rebuild your life again.

Our focus is to nurture a divorce community where members are classy & cordial. 

Our members are committed to treating everyone with utmost empathy, integrity, and fairness. 

Our members organize local events (hiking, outdoor & indoor activities), social events, workshops, facilitate one-on-one conversation with others in similar situations, group conversations, peer to peer support to help you while you are going through separation & divorce, and post-divorce. 

All our events are driven and coordinated by our members for the benefit of our members. 

Our Background:

We have been informally helping people for over a year through online divorce support group. We learned that there is an overwhelming number of people who need an overwhelming degree of support of all kinds – emotional, strategic, legal, financial, custody etc. Our initial goal was to help answer simple questions and share experiences as people went through their divorces, but the group quickly evolved into so much more. As we grew as an online community we saw the need to bootstrap ourselves in a more organized manner with a leadership team (not individual) that is elected by members, for members, and for a fixed term. 

Our affiliation: 

We have a web presence on where we will be putting together a number of resources, tools, blogs, document library etc to help you through your legal, financial, emotional, parenting issues. We are also actively working towards building partnerships with various local, national, and online communities to bring more support and value to our members.  

Strive Forward in partnership with various community organizations is providing additional services (consulting, Divorce Management) but you are not required ever to sign up for those services. Those services are to support the operational costs associated with all the free services, tools, resources we are putting together for our members. 

Our Policy:

1. Our organizers, event hosts, members must always be in compliance with terms and services, privacy policies, and general common sense approach, and state & federal laws of United States. 

2. We have zero tolerance for any kind of poor behavior and intolerance. 


1. We can only have you or your ex as members. Whoever joins our meetup group first gets the preference. Both can't be members unless both consent to be cordial and civil.

2. There are no membership fees for our meetup group or any of our community support services. 

Our Member's Focus Areas are:

- Separation and Divorce 
- Navigating legal system 
- Financial conundrum 
- Child custody and visitation battle 
- Personal emotional and physical well-being 
- Children’s emotional and physical well-being 
- Post-divorce self-healing