What we're about

There is no magic formula to happiness, the only way to be happier is to understand your unhappiness.

In this group we will hold regular webinars covering self worth and how it affects everything in your life.

Regular talks will be:

  • They say it's your fault - how to recognise gaslighting.
  • Why are we attracted to the wrong people?
  • Motivation and why we self sabbotage
  • Are they toxic and how to walk away from unhealthy relationships.
  • Triggers and how to re-programme our brains to recover before we react.

And more!

If you feel that these talks or subjects may help support you then please do join my group!

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What’s love got to do with it? - Online workshop

Network event

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What are our partners actually supposed to give us?
Why are we attracted to the wrong people?
Why do we attract the wrong people?
Are we needy?
Why do we sabotage wonderful relationships?
Why is my ex so wonderful to their partner? Why couldn’t they be that way with me?
Is my partner bad or just bad for me?
How do my past relationships affect my future ones?
Why dating apps suck (as if we don’t already know…)
How to tell if someone is right for you.
Why do we F**k?

Interactive online workshop, presentation, group discussions - no judgement, no abuse, and as private as you need it to be.

I’ve run this event a few times and seen a lot of cross over in the pain points of all my groups so making this my first open-network one.

*Yes you can change your name
*Yes you can turn camera off
*No you don’t need to speak or share.

As always, if you want me to respond to an experience you’ve had personally but don’t want to share in group please do PM me.

Catch you there
Gal x

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