What we're about

Meet other CMS professionals, aficianados, and neophytes who want to learn about current and best practices, state of the art, and current quality practices for these CMS and related system used in business, government, and academia for collaboration, website development, eCommerce, and simpler things like family websites, web galleries, and other social networking applications. Come to see demos, profiles, and assessments of the latest systems. Hear independent evaluations of the most popular open source and commercial offerings. Learn skills for using them, their bugs, strengths and weaknesses, support available, and tons of other useful information. Learn how to select and apply CMS products to your favorite applications. We began in 2007 and have covered Joomla, Drupal, Plone, WordPress and their applications. So many other systems that we simply have not had time or resources to cover them all. If you are a user or developer and want to learn or present on your experiences, please attend our meetings. Most of all, come to have fun, network, make new friends, and learn from great people with a passion for software!!

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