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Sand Beach Volleyball Open Play
Sand Beach Volleyball Open Play Welcome to Sand Beach Volleyball Open Play! Henry is the organizer of this New York Volleyball Group. Henry is currently not in the NY area so he has graciously allowed people to host meetups on his meetup group. The Sand Beach Volleyball meetups will continue each week with the same or different venues and hosts. There is a possibility that more than one sand beach volleyball venue will be available for a given week. Please check each week for the updated venue/s and the provided information for that week. The meetups have been advanced into the calendar to free up Henry from having to perform any meetup updates. The hosts of the venues will do the updates for Henry and provide the latest information. The important task is to verify the availability of courts each week a meetup is scheduled. We currently have information on three beach volleyball venues we played in 2010. Each of these three venues did not have a reservation or permit arrangement. If you know of any other venues for sand beach volleyball please provide that information. We can play Sand Beach volleyball year round as long as the outdoor/beach temps are mid 50's and higher. Levels of play Beginners - 4,5, and 6's Recreational - 4,5 and 6's Intermediate - 2,3,4,5 and 6's Advanced - 2,3 and 4's with emphasis and the most court time for 2's Sand Court Locations Long Beach - Setup your own nets and lines when poles are provided by township. At times the township will provide poles and nets but you may need to do your own lines. Option is to bring your own net, lines and/or your own net, poles and lines. Jones Beach - Field 4 - Recreation Area - 8 courts with nets, poles and lines May 14th - October 15th Cedar Beach - 2 courts with nets and poles year round - 57 courts with nets and poles when summer leagues are playing. Lines are available on several courts, they are removed on the weekends when the leagues are not playing. Sand Court Fees (2010 prices - 2011 prices may be different) Long Beach - $12/person to enter sand from boardwalk (free to enter late in the afternoon/early evening) Jones Beach - $10 parking fee per car Note - there is a court fee per hour but we have not been charged for fees yet. (free to enter parking lots early evening) Cedar Beach - $20 parking fee per car (free to enter parking lot evening only) Transportation Long Beach - Public Transportation - LIRR - Long Beach branch to Long Beach Station - 5 blocks to boardwalk from the station LIRR had Long Island getaway packages that combined the $12 sand fee and the roundtrip LIRR ticket thus lowering the sand entrance fee to around $5. Jones Beach - Public Transportation - LIRR to Freeport station, bus from Freeport station to Field 4 Jones Beach bath house Cedar Beach - No public transportation Car Pools - car pools will originate from agreed upon meeting places. Volleyball players need to exchange information with each other to make the car pools work each week. "NVBPLB" - I instituted a "No Volleyball Player Left Behind" (NVBPLB) policy last year to give everyone equal opportunity to gain access and particpate in the meetups. We were about 70% successful in meeting that goal. What this means is to work out any sort of arrangement possible to allow everyone to get a ride with your car pool or buddy up with public transportation. Everyone needs to read each other's comments each week to find out where car pools are meeting, the time they are meeting and to make solid attempts to meet that car pool on time. If you are driving to a Long Island meetup location solo there is a good chance that others need a ride so please make that offer if possible. Car pool drivers please allow an extra half hour to all those meeting you if they are late so we can make NVBPLB a success. Parking Long Beach - street parking - be aware that in Long Beach you need to park in the direction that everyone else has parked or you will be ticketed. If it is head in parking then park head in even if that makes things difficult to unload your VB equipment, coolers... Jones Beach - Field 4 parking lot by the south west corner - there is an underground tunnel leading to the bath house close to the recreational area where the volleyball courts are. Can also park in other lots if no parking is available at field 4 and then hike to field 4. Cedar Beach - Large parking lot opening May 28th - year round (closed until May 28th, 2011 due to Beach Hut construction) Entertainment and Food Long Beach – small concession stand and bars and restaurants within a two mile radius Jones Beach - Field 4 has the largest food court on Jones Beach with outdoor seating open late, musical entertainment will be in the bandshell. Cedar Beach - Beach Hut - multi entertainment complex that provides food and musical entertainment, it is a large party atmosphere on Saturday nights. Restrooms and Showers Long Beach - restrooms on boardwalk, showers in the sand Jones Beach - restrooms and showers by field 4 food court Cedar Beach - restrooms by Beach Hut, showers outside of Beach Hut by parking lot

Jones Beach

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What we're about

This meetup is for (beach) volleyball fans across all levels.

If you are are looking for playmates to play beach volleyball and you are also open to play in groups with more than 4 players (e.g. 3 vs. 3), this is the right meetup group for you. We are planning to organize regular events for different levels and are looking forward to any of your suggestions as well.

You should not be an absoulte beginner. If you have never played before at all, we recommend to participate in 2-3 training sessions in a beginners' course.

If you want to get an introduction to beach volleyball, you might want to check out this great resource:

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