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What we’re about

Our global society is undergoing tremendous change. People are connected like never before, life expectancy is increasing, and technological inventions which up until yesterday were seen as science fiction, are now available to the general public every day.

It is however not all positive. In the western world the democratic way in which we run society is under pressure as nationalism and populism is on the rise, while the trust that the populations have in politicians and political systems is decreasing. The challenges are amplified as a lot of people feel that they are not receiving their share of increased wealth that is created, and that the technological developments that should be empowering them are instead leaving them behind. We wish to turn this development around.

At NextGen Democracy, we use technology to make democracy work for all of us. This is a group for everyone who are interested in the topic and who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the current developments and take action to improve the situation.