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What we’re about

Where computers are invisible and keyboards or mice don't exist - there lies the next step in man-machine interaction.

The bleeding edge holds much potential for visionaries, entrepreneurs, curious developers and crafters alike.

Join us and share your thoughts, ideas, experience, craft and code 

The road to cracking the human-tech-environment equation starts with you, the user / player and your experience. Better living, interaction with magical objects and cracking virtual ceilings, goes through technical issues and moral dilemmas mixed with legal and ends in fashion and public perception.

Come and take a part in the human re-evolution (and help us look good doing so.) We welcome entrepreneurs, product engineers/designers, researchers, gamers, 3D printing professionals, crafters, tinkerers, inventors, creators and/or artists 

We will be holding conferences, meetups and hackathons in Israel to introduce and let you try and experiment with new and emerging ubiquitous tech platforms: IoT / Wearables / Drones / AR / VR / MR / Robotics / Neuroscience M2M / Medical and anything breaking the boundaries and allowing us to do and be more using (hopefully) friendly tech.