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Our next meetup is right around the corner..

This time, we're collaborating with AR (AWE NITE) TLV and HADO Israel to bring you one of the most exciting (if not the..) AR meetups yet!

After the talks we will transform the venue into a playground where you will step into HADO AR and throw energy balls at each others!
Try it yourself as a part of a team of 3 people vs another team of 3 players.

Come try out the demos, hear some stories from the trenches and meetup with the Israeli innovators in AR/VR

18:30 - Gathering, demos and fun!
18:50 - State of AR Industry Briefing - Omri Stein
19:00 - Smart Glasses For The People: Make your own smart glasses and the future of the industry, with Jonathan Schipper
19:30 - TechSee: Using Augmented Reality For Remote Assistance, with Ronen Rozenberg
8:00PM - Shout Out and Announcements

8:10PM - HADO in Israel!
Participate in Live XR Sports: Try yourself the XR sport that is taking over the world - Hado Israel

About our speakers:

Smart Glasses For The People - Learn and experience the smart glasses Johnny assembled himself! from 3D printed parts, lenses and sensors. Designed by the North Star initiative to democratize AR smart glasses.

Virtual Johnny (A.K.A Jonathan Schipper) is Chief Experience Officer @ Virtual Johnny - an innovation powerhouse for mixed reality & smart things, creating experiences with natural interfaces.
Fascinated with exploring the limits between body, tech and our surroundings - Johnny likes to make people happy using tech.
Previous VP of products @ RideOn which making AR tech for outdoor use, he recently launched the MOHAWK Smart AR Ski Helmet.
He also previously founded 2 startups and leads Nextech Israel and Wearable Tech Israel communities, a really fast swimmer and he knows Kung-fu.

TechSee: Using Augmented Reality For Remote Assistance -
Today’s chatbots offer companies a compelling way to engage and support their customers. The value is clear to businesses, but chatbots are too limited for consumers to adopt them. In this session, Ronen will discuss how, by providing Bots eyes and hands, the chatbots are not held back to bring great value to businesses and consumers alike.
Bots eyes - based on customer visual data and computer-vision AI engines
Bots hands - Augmented reality instructions.

Ronen Rozenberg - CTO at TechSee - an innovative AI company that empowers customer service teams and end customers to advance from the current state of customer service by providing interactive visual guidance at every step of their journey. Prior to TechSee Ronen was the Co-Founder and CTO of Astralink, which revolutionized the construction industry with AR technologies. Ronen holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from TU-Germany and two B.Sc.s in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from BGU.

Participate in Live XR Sports - Experience for yourself the amazing HADO sport:

Nir Regev - Co-founder of HADO Israel and the entrepreneur that set forward to bring to Israel the sport league of the future, truly merging the physical and digital together. Oh and he is a handsome devil.

We’re here for you to get the insider knowledge, exposure and feedback you need for your AR companies and projects to be unstoppable. So…

• if you’d like to demo your project (we hope you do) please reach out so we can plan ahead of the event and get the community’s full attention and support, and…

• if you’ve got a topic, speaker or company you’d like us to cover or invite, reach out now...

Derech Menachem Begin 144 · Tel Aviv-Yafo
9 spots left