What we're about

It’s all about Web Development community.

Why you should join this group?

If you want to give/share your knowledge, - join the group.
If you love the open-source community and want to contribute, - join the group.
If you want to become a better developer - join the group.
If you want to gain early experience - join the group.
If you have a passion for Angular/VueJs/React ?! It's definitely worth to join the group

Your attendance at the meetings will create more clarity about technology, will help you to make decisions easier and quicker and improve your code skills.

Call For Speakers (https://forms.gle/UeAaD5KFPX3Ky4nv7)
Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6lsCdwzHYQZzudJtKW-00g)

Past events (20)

FrontEnd + DevOps = ❤️ (Workshop #1)

Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

NG Heroes - Relaunch meetup

Google for Startups Campus

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