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Digital Nomads work remotely, either from home, coffee shops, co-working spaces, or public libraries etc, using laptops and the internet instead of the traditional stationary workplace.

Nice Nomads include freelancers, contractors, telecommuters, entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed.

This is not a co-working group—we don't work alongside each other with laptops—but rather we meet to chat about projects, share ideas, exchange insights, address challenges, and potentially offer mutual feedback on projects.

The topics for our events is a work in progress. Feel free to make contact us to make suggestions or if you would like to host your own event.

• The sharing economy and the future of work.

• Tackling loneliness when working from home.

• Getting motivated and inspired by personal development books.

• Our daily routine and what sets us up for the day ahead.

• Peer-review each other's written material: websites, blogs, eBooks, newsletters, emails.

• Internet culture and the effective use of social media platforms.

• Tips on our favourite blogs, books, articles, videos, keynote talks...

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After Work Social in Nice

Hotel Amour Nice

Wednesday Coworking at Hotel Amour

Hotel Amour Nice

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Wednesday Coworking at Hotel Amour

Hotel Amour Nice

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