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What we’re about

This MeetUp group is sponsored by JDL Ventures ( & the Office of Douglas J. Beck (
In collaboration with:
Flip More Deals (
Douglas J Development (
Investors First Title (
As established real estate investment company in New Jersey since 2014, the team at JDL Ventures has closed literally hundreds of deals successfully and have built a tremendous network of investors, lenders, wholesalers, contractors, and service providers across the real estate investing space. Our events bring together like-minded people seeking growth in the real estate investing business.
Since 2015, we have held in-person & virtual events every month in New Jersey, bringing together literally thousands of active and aspiring real estate investors. Some of our attendees have literally started their business from attending our event! Others have found exactly who they needed to get their business to the next level.
Our Founder and President, Douglas J. Beck ( relocated his family to Sarasota, Florida in the summer of 2020 and continues to grow our business & network in Florida, New Jersey, and other markets in the US.
P.S. If you are looking for an experienced joint-venture partner on your project, please reach out to us at