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[Note: Instructors from the NYC Gnostic School have started a new group in Martinsville, NJ which now uses this meetup. The NYC Gnostic School events can now be found here: https://www.meetup.com/gnosis/ ]

Teleios (τέλειος) is a Greek word for:

• that which is perfect

• consummate human integrity and virtue

• the realization of one’s ultimate purpose in life

We study gnosis as it is found in the great world traditions, especially the hidden or esoteric levels of instruction. For example:

• Christianity: Gnosticism, Alchemy

• Judiasm: Kabbalah

• Buddhism: Vajrayana

• Hinduism: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

• Islam: Sufism

• Ancient: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mayan, etc. mystery traditions

• Many others…

Teleios Meditation & Study Group is a place where people interested in Gnosis can meet and learn more about topics such as Kabbalah, Tantra, Esoteric Psychology, Meditation, Astral Projection, Dream Yoga, Ancient scriptures and more through our live weekly lectures.

We have experienced Gnostic instructors who have taught all over the world. Come and listen to a lecture and share your thoughts and feelings related to the teachings.

Explore the ancient wisdom of Gnosis and Gnosticism by visiting these websites:

Learn more about Gnosis by going to glorian.org
Here's a link to some great introductory topics: http://gnosticteachings.org/the-teachings-o... (http://gnosticteachings.org/the-teachings-of-gnosis/introductory-information.html)
Buy related books, incense, and more at https://shop.glorian.org/
To listen to free Gnostic lectures visit https://glorian.org/learn/podcast-and-radio
You can study a variety of free online courses at https://glorian.org/learn/courses-and-lectures
Or read books about Gnosis, the root knowledge of all sciences, philosophies, religions, and arts. Learn the practical means to nourish and grow the best qualities of the human being, while acquiring personal experience of the Divine. The books are available worldwide in print, ebook, and online editions. Learn more here: https://glorian.org/books


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