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The New Jersey Real Estate Network is hosted by Peoples Capital Group (PCG) which is located in Somerville, NJ. This group focuses on educating both new and experienced investors on how to build wealth passively in real estate.

Webinars and events focus on:
1. How to self direct your IRA into Real Estate
2. How to diversify your stock portfolio into real estate
3. How to transform from an active into a passive investor

Join a webinar to meet the founders of Peoples Capital Group as they walk you through how they find discounted apartment buildings and share them with their clients. 

All webinars include live Q & A so bring your questions!  

To learn more about how we help people invest in real estate visit our website at www.PeoplesCapitalGroup.com

Upcoming events (4+)

How to Self Direct Your 401K or IRA into Real Estate

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50 Attendee Limit Register Here- https://www.peoplescapitalgroup.com/webinar-self-direct-ira

Do you have a 401K or an IRA?

Do you know what your IRA is invested in and are the returns strong?

Are you ready to build your IRA faster by diversifying some of it into real estate with experienced professionals?

Then join us on the 4th Tuesday of the month where co founder of Peoples Capital Group, Aaron Fragnito, will explain exactly how he has helped dozens of people self direct their IRA or 401K into real estate to diversify out of the stock market and build their nest egg faster.

People self-direct their IRA into NJ professionally managed properties to get better returns, even in a recession. They like the feeling of seeing their money used to improve a community. And, they like investing in a syndicated group so they can afford a larger investment.

As silent investors, Peoples Capital Group managed the technical details and cherry-picked the best real estate deals for them. This is a genuinely passive income stream model that leaves people free to live comfortably.

Learn how to:
1. Earn stronger returns with your IRA or Solo 401K
2. Take control of your Retirement Account
3. Diversify out of the stock market into professionally managed real estate
4. Protect your nest egg
5. Improve inner cities

Bring your questions as we will have open Q & A.

This is not a solicitation for funds, tax advice or legal advice.

Register Here: https://www.peoplescapitalgroup.com/webinar-self-direct-ira

PCG's Investor Building Walkthrough - Bayonne NJ

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For the last decade, Peoples Capital Group has been transforming apartment buildings throughout NJ and is now inviting you to peek behind the scenes to see how exactly this is accomplished.

There are only 25 spots available, they will fill up fast. RSVP Today.

PCG will walk you through renovations happening in one of their recent acquisitions, a 21 unit apartment building in booming Bayonne NJ. In this live event you will be able to :

1. Walk through the renovations happening in this property
2. Review the scope of work being completed on the property
3. Understand how and why the renovation is being completed
4. Learn the overall process of repositioning apartment buildings
5. Learn how private investors participate in these properties

Bring your questions as PCG will host a live Q & A.

Connect with like minded investors and learn from PCG's founders who have completed over 300 real estate transactions across NJ and developed a $25M portfolio of NJ apartment buildings.

This will be a 2 hour in depth explanation of exactly how PCG renovates outdated apartment buildings with hands on learning.

This event is for:
1. Accredited investors
2. Passive RE investors
3. Active RE investors
4. RE professionals
5. Soon to be RE investors


We will be walking through an indoor construction site, dress accordingly!

Not a solicitation for funds, tax advice or legal advice.

How Direct Private Lenders are Viewing Today's Market

Online event

Lending Fundamentals can be a great way to create passive income from real estate and understanding Lending Options helps when owning rental properties. But there is a lot to learn before diving in!

Joseph Scorese will provide better knowledge to Real Estate Professionals, Agents & Services in the Investment Space on Non-QM Lending Products and understanding the comparison of Bank Lending & Hard Money vs Direct Private Lending in Today's Real Estate Market.

We will cover:

• Rentals Loans
• Fix & Flip Loans
• Portfolio Rental Loans
• Multi-Family Bridge Loans
• New Construction Loans
• Fix to Rent Loans
• Blanket Loan Programs
• 5+ Multi Family
• DSCR & Bank Statement Loans
• Non-Recourse & Recourse Options

Joseph V. Scorese is a mortgage industry professional who is committed to helping his clients. He has more than 20+ years of successful experience in sales origination. Joseph continues to work in the mortgage lending industry, and has built a career as a talented and reliable Mortgage Banker.

Joseph brings his experience, knowledge and uses his in-depth knowledge of the mortgage process to ensure his clients have the best mortgage possible to fit their financial and life goals. With a proven track record of getting the job done, Joseph takes great pride in making the loan process as easy and stress free as possible for every one of his clients.

Joseph resides in Philadelphia, PA . Outside of work, she enjoys family time with his wife Donna. Some of his favorite activities include travelling, cooking, and spending time reading.

Live Update: PCG Apartment Building Repositions

Online event

Register Here

Peoples Capital Group (PCG) is currently transforming apartment buildings to create passive income for their private investor group.

This live webinar explains:

  1. New Jersey Apartment buildings that PCG is currently renovating
  2. How PCG funds opportunities working with private investors
  3. How people earn passive returns and tax benefits through real estate ownership
  4. Upcoming private offerings

Learn from actual projects that are being completed in New Jersey by experienced real estate professionals.

Includes Live Q & A.

Peoples Capital Group does not sell coaching or education. This is not a solicitation for funds.

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Landlord Tips To Keep Costs Low with Dr. Gordon Chiu

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