Ode aan de Code #11 | Arnout Boks over "Of representation and interpretation"

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Prins Willem-Alexanderlaan 396B · Apeldoorn

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Ode aan de Code | Arnout Boks over "Of representation and interpretation: A unified theory - phpCE 2018"

Many hard problems in programming originate from one single source: not properly distinguishing the representation of data from the way it is interpreted.

Have you ever written code that filters $_GET for SQL injection attempts? Struggled with timezones? Tried to get escaping right for Javascript in HTML? Detected the character encoding of a string? All are examples of this one problem.

In this talk we will look at some examples of the representation-interpretation problem and find the general pattern behind it. We will see how primitive types make it so hard for us to get this right, and how we can use value objects to steer us in the right direction. You’ll start finding many more examples of this pattern and understand them more easily.

18.30 - Doors open with food
19.15 - Welcome by DIJ
19.30 - Talk with Arnout Boks (in English)
20.15 - Questions
20.30 - Drinks, social talk and time to take place in our playseat for the Ode Aan De Code Racing Cup :-)

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Arnout Boks is a software architect by profession but mathematician by education, with interests on the boundary between the two, where formal modelling and logical reasoning meet practical problems and pragmatism.