What we're about

Learn & experience how to Do Neurocise®, Hypnosis & NLP!

Come learn strategies & real skills & get yourself motivated to integrate, use & apply these skills & strategies into your life right away.

EXPERIENCE Neurocise®, Hypnosis & NLP masterfully demonstrated!

Get into it by DOING exercises & technics yourself!

Benefit from skills NOW to transform who you are & how you live.

Meetups are structured intentionally & I personally design & lead all exercises & demonstrations so that You learn how to Do Neurocise®, Hypnosis & NLP & some of my personal models & methods designed to increase your own mental & emotional & hypnotic abilities.

Here are just our Primary Meetups:

NLP Intro - "Change & Trance" - Come have some fun accessing a different State of Mind & Learn powerful transformational technics & self-hypnosis you can use in your personal life right now. (Open to General Public)

NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise for Clinical Hypnotherapy & Healing Arts (Requires a License as a Healing Arts Professional or Registered Intern)

NLP In Business - Leadership, Sales & Service & Persuasion/Motivation (Open to General Public)

Hypnotic Evenings - Learn Self-Hypnosis & Deep Trance Experiences (Open to General Public)

Featured Series (1-3 Sessions):

Design Solution Living

Let Go, Relax Now!

Go First! MindFirst™

Taking Care of Trance™

Wealth MindFirst™ - Open to General Public

Design Solution Coaching™ for Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists

Optimum Weight Now™ - Weight Reduction & Maintenance

Join in the fun! Get involved! It is the only way you learn.

Definitely feel free to bring a friend as a guest or an associate. Come to a meeting & participate wholeheartedly. You will glad you did!

Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, MAC, NCC, ACHMT

Licensed Master Trainer of NLP In Hypnosis™ (First-Ever & Only)
Licensed NLP Change Master™ (First-Ever & Only)

Creator & Developer of Neurocise®

Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis (State of Florida)

Designated by Dr. Richard Bandler - Society of NLP - Co-Creator of NLP

1503 E. 9th Ave., Tampa, Florida 33605

Ybor City - Across from HCC Library

Phone: 813-221-5466

Email: elvis@gofirst.com

Website: http://www.execulearn.com

Directions to ExecuLearn: https://files.meetup.com/1556548/DirectionstoExecuLearn.pd ...

What attendees are saying:

"Elvis is the real deal - check him out!"

"It is where the positive change will start internally. That change will lead to a better life and higher achievements."

"Anyone who has ever had an interest in hypnosis or NLP (if you don't know what NLP is, just know that it is working with the subconscious) would be wise to check out this meetup."

ExecuLearn/Elvis Lester are approved by The Society of NLP™ to offer Licensed Practitioner, Master Practitioner & Advanced Master Practitioner Trainings internationally.



Past events (138)

Conversational Trance & Change™

This event has passed

HYPNOSIS BASIC TRAINING 1-Day Introductory Training

Neurocise Studio

HYPNOSIS BASIC TRAINING 1-Day Introductory Training

Neurocise Studio

HYPNOSIS BASIC TRAINING 1-Day Introductory Training

Neurocise Studio

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