What we're about

The Seattle Hypnosis/NLP Meetup Group!

Come meet with us to discover NLP and Hypnosis secrets, techniques, methods, exchange ideas, etc. Whether you're a pro or just interested you're welcome to come.

We usually hold 1 meeting per month on subjects related to NLP and hypnosis. The events are typically combined lecture/demonstration/practice (you don't have to participate if you don't want to).

To attend the meetings, sign up for meetup.com and then this group. It's free.

All meeting information will be posted here. If you sign up, you'll get email letting you know when and where the next meetup is. Don't email me personally to ask (the meetup has a couple hundred members and answering folks individually gets time consuming).



PS: Meetings are typically video and audio recorded. The camera is typically pointed at the speaker. If you have privacy concerns, please don't put yourself on camera. Speaking during the meeting is not required. Alternatively, you can avoid the meetings.

Upcoming events (1)

Miraculous Healing Pattern

Redmond Regional Library

Learn how to help people heal from injuries by taking their mind away from the injury-causing event and directing its energy to healing. The Miraculous Healing Pattern is an NLP pattern which can be easily combined with hypnosis and energy healing. Presented by Dr. Anna Margolina, PhD, hypnotist, Master NLP practitioner, NLP trainer. Attending practitioners will share their insights and experience.

Past events (122)

Quit smoking with Jim Kellner

Kirkland Library

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