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This is a group for people interested in practicing Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) for improved communication, personal development, professional development and/or coaching. All skill levels are welcome from beginner to master practitioner. Over the past 10 years as a NLP Trainer I have developed many NLP contacts around the world and I am so excited to develop our local South Florida community! Our intention is to form local community of people interested in developing together as we improve our skills in using NLP, hypnosis, life coaching, running our own brains for success, and becoming change agents for good. I look forward to meeting you at a future event!
We reserve the right to decline membership based on values conflicts or any other reason at any time.

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NLP & Coaching Skills Experiential Monthly Meetup

Sip Java Co.

* Meet with like-minded individuals interested in personal and professional development to learn, experience & practice coaching tools you can apply in your your day-to-day life and/or business *

Are you interested in developing skills for coaching yourself and others to success, learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and/or developing marketable skills you can use to make (more) money as a coach?

If yes, you’ll definitely want to join our local meetup where we get together every month to explore & experience a powerful *topic of the month* related to coaching and/or NLP.

These events are highly experiential, interactive, and powerful opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as great opportunities to network with like-minded individuals.

Whether you are a new, aspiring, or established coach/NLP practitioner, or just someone interested in learning the art & science of self-coaching there will be something to gain for everyone.

What will the topic be? Could it be what you need to get to your next step of development personally and professionally? Will someone you meet create a synchronous connection to support you along your journey? The best way to find out is to sign up for an upcoming event and join us for an enjoyable and empowering evening event.

*Important to know* We are scheduled to begin at 6:30 so please plan to show up around 6:20pm to be respectful of our time and focus during the workshop. We will have approximately 10 minutes for connecting/reconnecting/networking and to enjoy a coffee, tea, alcoholic beverage or food item from Sip Java's wonderful selection. The is plenty of free parking in the parking lot.

What some of our attendees have said:

  • "Jason kept us engaged through real life experience, demonstrations, and group exercises. I was able to take in a lot of information and understand practical information in a two hour session." - Ben Marshall, Founder of Enlightened TV Network
  • "I have been here twice and this time looking back to the first one I saw how I shared the info with my dad and it helped me cement it. I learn something new each time & the groups are great." - Ana Pelaez, Professional Coach
  • "Jason Schneider has proven himself to be a master of NLP. I came to the session only ever hearing the name NLP a few times and thinking it was, "pie in the sky". I left the session with the ability to better control my emotions and actions. This will contribute to the enhancement of all my relationships. More smiles are in my future!" - Troy Holder, Marketing & Brand Coach
  • "Practice! Practice! Practice! That was an amazing opportunity to live what was being taught!." - Robberia Ferreria, Life Coach - Vita Coaching Academy
  • "One of the most influential events for learning that I’ve been to through meetup." -- Chad Abbs, CEO MOAI Apparel

Join us for a fun, powerful & unique learning experience that you won't be able experience anywhere else!

Cooking with Your Brain Chemistry™

1310 Gallery - Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts



Did you know that you can cook with your own brain chemistry?

Every day we go through a range of emotions and they are seemingly at the whim of our environment... But what if we could take conscious control over these processes?

When you do, not only will you be able to call up your desired emotions on command, but you will gain the skills to cook up exquisite, unique, and custom-designed emotions beyond your wildest imaginations.

The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your emotions, and in this workshop you’ll learn the skills and tools you need to run your emotions and cook with your brain chemistry in ways that open new possibilities for your personal and professional success.

In this one-day in person event you will:

  • Gain awareness of the states you experience on a regular basis, what triggers them, and which emotions will take your life to the next level.
  • Learn the six stages of emotional mastery & the step-by-step processes to work your emotions through the levels and bring them more deeply under your conscious control.
  • Explore your 'natural' triggers and learn a step-by-step process to use those triggers to access your desired emotions.
  • Develop skills to texture your emotions in real-time when you need them.
  • Learn how to use the 'primary emotions' you cooked up in your emotional mastery toolbox as the basic ingredients for the more complex recipes such as unconditional self-esteem, personal power, optimism, courage, resilience, and more…

As with all of my training experiences prepare to get hands on experience. We will focus on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING that you will be able to immediately implement and bring with you into your daily life.]

We have limited seating to maximize personal attention (10 participant maximum) so be sure to RSVP to guarantee your space. As usual I am expecting to sell out this training with many of my former students and other local South Florida NLPers and personal developers so be prepared to make some great connections. I look forward to seeing you there!

Ready to Reserve Your Space?
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(Limited to 12 participants for maximum personal attention)

What Our Former Participants Say about This Program:
"I wish I knew about this years ago! Thanks again for sharing your state mastery toolbox. You are open sourcing your mind! It encourages everyone to do the same, so good on you! Emotional flexibility and responsiveness to ANY situation is what you will learn in this mastery class." - Stephan I.

"I have gained a life skill in this course. I didn't realise how much of my life is within my control. I thought I was at the mercy of how I felt. Now I see that I can actually influence my life in a much more impactful way - by choosing and summoning states that are my preference. I can respond consciously and take response-ability. Now I'm off to dream up some more states I'd like to have on hand in my life. I feel really empowered to take charge of my states and am re-thinking my days in light of the reality that: I can choose my states; some of the states I've been in may no longer be part of my life and what does life look like if it's on my terms? It's a whole new paradigm." - Natasha B.

I enjoyed how thorough and clear this course is. It was easy to learn and understand as well as to apply. Having been in therapy for a few years now, I was a bit skeptical about getting some coaching. This is my first course here and I see so much value in it. Thank you, what a feeling! - Kita H.

This content is awesome. The worth of this workshop was discovering that the power is in myself to feel/act/achieve whatever it is I desire. Experiencing it firsthand re-emphasizes my belief that with practice and a well-trained mind you can build great habits of certain skills/emotions/states that are usually overlooked in one's daily routine. I am growing more and more convinced that high-performance individuals are always in control of their states and it's a huge personal aspiration for me. - Steven M.

"The most valuable part for me is that it is practical and implementable with all of Jason's instructions about the steps. It goes at a great pace and I really admiring all the reference materials that could be accessed... I love the links for all the additional resources, such as the Journal exercise, Toolbox, etc. Wow!" - Vesna D.

"Life is challenging. We can't control other people, the news, natural disasters or traffic lights. But we can control how we feel within ourselves and how we react to things. Jason Schneider's course on cooking with your brain chemistry is essential for anyone who wants to live a happier life...it starts with being kind to yourself and finding ways to tell negative thoughts "goodbye." - Sally O.

Limited to 12 participants for maximum personal attention; Reserve your space today!

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NLP & Coaching Skills Experiential Monthly Meetup

Sip Java Co.

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