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## NO JOBS SHALL PROSPER Trading Meetup Group

Please allow me to introduce myself, I go by eCryptonaire. I have been trading for over 8 years. In this time-span, I have experienced a lot in trading. Just like with anything new, I made countless mistakes, blew accounts, loss money, "slammed my fist on the desk."

This group is about collaboration. I feel we can learn a great deal from each other and perhaps make some money along the way. Nothing is promised nor guaranteed when it comes to the markets. As we know, it is a risky undertaking. However, we can aspire with the motivation of Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork and exchange ideas, backtest setups, and so forth.

What do I bring to the table?

  1. I have a very deep understanding how the markets work. Today's markets are very algo-based, which means computers are running majority of the transactions and trade executions. I have experience of how the algos work because they are still to this day based on human behavior and emotion.
  2. Many times than not, traders have trouble entering the markets because they do not have access to funding. This means there is disadvantage right away we have to deal with. I have tested myself different resources that will provide full funding if you can prove through evaluation that you can manage risk and stay within the rules.
  3. Understanding of market structure and price action - I can often see the move before the move. This comes with years of practice. It is not something anyone can just sit in front of a computer and open a chart and say it is going up or it is going down. There is more involved than this. When I trade, I trade with confidence, conviction, and confluence.

Joining Washington - NO JOBS SHALL PROSPER Trading Meetup Group means:

  • You will not be floating around the sea of the market among sharks. You will know what to look for in the market, how to trade it, and when to trade it.
  • You will learn how ALL markets work. Many times traders are limited to trading one market like stocks or forex. Think of the many markets as multiple streams of trading and investing income.
  • Potentially tap into opportunities with Multiple Streams of Trading and Investing Income


This groups is for YOU!

Let's grow this into something never seen before in our area. Are we in competition with other Meetups? No, we are all on the same Team in many ways. A lot learn and share from each.

Best regards,

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