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What we’re about

Welcome, childfree and fabulous! I'm so glad you found us!

Originally called "30s women looking for non-mommy friends", I started this group in July 2016 to meet other childfree women.  I changed the name to "No kidding childfree ladies" in July of 2019, the year I turned 40, because I wanted this group to grow with me and to reflect a more diverse age range and interests within our group.  This group is for childfree women of ALL AGES.

We are a diverse group of fabulous women in Metro Vancouver.  At the heart of this group is a desire to build community amongst childfree women like us.  Our mom friends have mommy groups for support, socialization and community.  We can and should do the same with women who live a childfree lifestyle too!

We organize a wide variety of activities such as nature walks, brunches, trivia nights, festivals, dinners, movies, live music, lounges/cocktails and dancing, etc.

This group is primarily for CHILDFREE women (women who have chosen NOT to have kids).   This group might  be for you if you are childless due to timing (women who may want children but the "timing" is not right: career, single, haven't met the right partner, finances, etc.).  This group is probably not for you if you are childless due to biological or medical difficulties (i.e. you want kids but can't due to infertility, illness, etc).  Language matters and it is important to understand the difference!

A very affordable $3.00 member due is required to join to help offset the annual Meet Up fees I pay personally to run this group. Fee must be paid through PayPal before I can approve your member request. (Username: NokiddingTony).  Please choose the "send to a friend" option and YOU must pay the service fee, NOT me. Don't be cheap! Please state your Meet Up username, this helps me keep track.  Sorry, I do not accept e-transfers. PayPal is the easiest way for me to administer member dues.

If after two weeks of submitting your member request and you still have not paid your member due, I will assume you are a Meet Up bot and your request will be rejected.

Our rules might sound strict, but after running this group for 7 years, I have learned a few things about flaky and inconsiderate behavior and how it can ruin the vibe and flow of a group.  We do not want to be that kind of group!


• "anti-spawn" or anti-children: in fact, many of us love and work with children or have a fulfilling life surrounded by nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc.
• "anti-breeders" or anti-mommies: we just want a dynamic and carefree social life sans kids and kid-related conversations.
• a support group for childless women: if you are childless due to reproductive challenges, you are welcome to join, but please be aware that the majority of members in this group are CHILDFREE BY CHOICE .


• Membership due of $3.00 before joining this group. PayPal link here.

  • I don't collect annual dues, but you are more than welcome to contribute to help offset the annual fee I pay to Meet Up.
    • A clear profile pic of your face is required for safety reasons.  No pic, no join.

• Active membership in the group.  Once a year, in July, I go through our member list and remove members who have not been active.  We believe over time this will help us curate more familiar faces at events to help us build better connections and lasting friendships. 
• No business, marketing schemes, religious promotions allowed.  There are groups for that.  Join those instead.

We understand things happen and plans change. AND our organizers spend time organizing events. Be considerate!
To keep things fair to all and avoid disappointing members on the wait list, and to avoid embarrassing situations at the restaurants and places of business where we make reservations, we expect common courtesy and communication from our members.

  • you are responsible for your social life; we are not your personal assistant! Use YOUR calendar to keep track of events you RSVP for. Keep an eye on any waitlists you join.

• Change your Meet Up settings to receive alerts about the RSVP and waitlist status. You are responsible for the events you RSVP for. Please change your settings to receive alerts.
• notify event organizer/hostess ASAP if you will be late and your ETA \

• if you RSVP to an event and you change your mind, you must change your RSVP status to 'not going' at least 24 hours ahead of time so your place can be offered to someone on the wait list with sufficient notification.

  • If you choose to be on the waitlist, you will be automatically bumped up to the RSVP list. Make sure you have your settings on to receive notifications of when this happens to avoid awkward situations with hosts who are anticipating that you are coming.

• 1 no-show pardon: things happen, we get it. First no-show and your profile will have receive a "naughty note" and a warning. More than 1 no-show and you will be removed from the group. \

• chronic last-minute cancellations: if you habitually cancel with less than 24 hours notice, your profile will receive a "naughty note" and a warning.  If the behavior continues, you will be removed from the group. \

Yes, we are strict!  But there is a reason for that after running this group for 7 years. If you don't like this, there are other groups you can join.  =)

Feel free to suggest event ideas on our discussion board.  If you would like to become an event organizer, you must attend one of our events first so we can get to know you!
Many of our members have made lasting sisterhood friendships from this group and we hope you enjoy your experience with our Meetup group!

Yours truly,
The No Kidding Ladies