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What we’re about

We exist to educate, inspire and connect people working with nocode platforms.
You can find video recordings of all our past events here.
The group is open to anyone seeking to learn about platforms like Bubble, Zapier, Webflow, Airtable, Integromat and countless others. We have physical in-person monthly events in Lisbon, Portugal but all our meetings are live-streamed via Zoom and we welcome remote attendees.
Our meeting format is typically a round of intros from attendees followed by a main topic chosen from our Canny board followed by Q&A, show & tell from members and a wrap-up where people can get help on whatever their current obstacles are. We try to meet the first Wednesday of every month but occasionally juggle dates based on holidays & devents. Visit our proposed topic repository to see all proposed topics and to help shape future events.
Our meetings are sponsored by Problemattic. For an hour a month you can change the world with your professional skills. See which projects need you today.