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This photography club is for people who have a serious love for the art of photography. We have photographers of all skill and equipment levels. The desire to create and collaborate through photography is our focus (pun fully intended). The goal of this group is to network with professional and aspiring photographers so we can all grow as creators.

Discussion of any genre, trends, commercial work, stock shooting, photo journalism, business strategies, exhibition and gallery experiences, techniques, film, and equipment are all fair game.

Critiques, group shoots, workshops / seminars, and portfolio reviews are always in the works. Suggestions are very welcome.

Wise words from the incredible photographer and writer David DuChemin;

" Pro. Amateur. Whatever. If you love this craft and you’re a passionate student of it, then you are a photographer..."

If you love photography please join us :) Hope to see you at an upcoming meetup !

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How to make money with photography
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Needs a location

This morning I was talking with a gentleman who is just getting into photography in an effort to make money and he brought up the point that he is learning the hard way, as most of us did - or are. Thus it occurred to me that maybe we could have some photographers who actually make a living with the art come talk with the group about what they have done that works and doesn't work.

Much like an informational interview. Ideally 3 to 5 "real" photographers and the rest of us could just ask them questions and have an open discussion about marketing, sales, smart moves and stupid ideas.

I'll cover the stupid ideas part as I've got a lock on that one. :)

Digital Photography Classes
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Photography classes available right here in Fort Collins;


Free 30 day Membership to Digital Workshop Center
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Needs a location

From an email;

Hi! My name is Stu Crair and I own the Digital Workshop Center. We are a computer training school in Old Town, and we recently opened a new community and coworking space. We're looking to add some new members and I wanted to offer a free 30-day membership to any of your Meeetup's members. It's a great place for any freelancer, remote worker, or photographer to work from and meet with clients. The link to sign up for free is http://digitalworkshopcenter.com/community-membership/free-community-membership/ . No strings attached. Part of membership is to be able to hold Meetups and events, so we certainly welcome anyone from your group who would like to use it for that purpose. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to swing by and check it out! I look forward to hearing from you soon! -

Stu Crair [masked][masked]

NoCo Pro Photo looking for Monitor and Venue
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Needs a location

Our past Meet-up at Dazbog no longer has a working monitor/TV for use. We are looking for a new venue. If you know of any place please let us know. Thank you. Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown or any place else.

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