What we're about

A monthly meetup for software developer and product manager interested in mobile html5 apps and cloud service built with Nodejs in and around Guangzhou.

Who should join. Anyone interested in knowing web service in Nodejs, its strength and weaknesses and how to apply it to real-life applications.

Why should you join. To learn more about Nodejs technologies in particular and more about Guangzhou tech startups community at large.

Benefits you will get. Meet great people on great topics, get inspired by technological potentials for your next big product, and find your tech co-founders.

NodejsGZ director, Chance Jiang

Chance Jiang is co-founder of welomo.com, a Guangzhou startup making cloud-ready electronic appliances for business and consumers.? Chance is currently focused on startups? making smart and connected appliances for business and consumers, including robots. He's been an active member in Guangzhou's tech community, from organizing community events to mentoring other startups. Chance was founding member (Interim Chair) of IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics Guangzhou Chapter (2004-2007).

Co-director, Nelson Lee

My name is Nelson Lee. I have been working as an embedded electronics engineer for two years, but now turned myself into a web developer. Better late than never. I like building Internet scale apps more than traditional electronic products, because the Internet industry is more open and easy to share knowledge. I am now a die-hard Nodejs programmer, loving asynchronous design patterns, and I am happy to share everything I know about Nodejs with people worldwide.








我叫李政甫(网名“河蟹”),一名“迟到”的web开发者,在电子行业从事2年多的嵌入式驱动开发,相信Better late than never,现已转行从事web开发,痛恨传统的电子行业封闭,换壳和没有品味的工业设计。如何将互联网技术,开源,开放和分享的精神结合,是我关注的方向。我现已成为Node.js的脑残粉,喜欢它活跃的开发社区,灵活的语法,让程序实现变得充满想象力,异步的设计模式,让编程有了一种新体验,anyway,很乐意和世界各地的朋友分享关于Nodejs的一切。

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