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Meetings with Richard Sylvester about nonduality, awakening and liberation.
These meetings are for anyone who wishes to explore nonduality, awakening and liberation. At the meetings, Richard will give an introductory talk followed by plenty of time for questions, answers and discussion.
Seeing nonduality is the recognition that our most basic assumption about our life, that we are separate, is simply an appearance. We may seem to be the subject of our life, moving through a world of other people and objects. But actually there is no separation, there is no subject and object, there is only seamless oneness. When this is seen, there is often a radically changed view of reality. Seeking ends and at last relaxation can take place.
Richard is the author of four books about nonduality, including 'I Hope You Die Soon' and 'Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers'. He has been holding regular meetings about nonduality in London since 2005. He has also held meetings in Munich, Berlin and other German cities as well as in Paris, Prague and Tokyo.
To find out more you can visit or watch videos of Richard's meetings on his YouTube channel.
Don’t be put off if there are only a small number of RSVP’s for this event. The meeting is also publicised in other ways. There will be a friendly group of people ready to share discussion and tea and biscuits.

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