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What we’re about

UPDATE! As of 9/8/23 Nontra has moved to Muskegon, Michigan! We are hopeful another version of Nontra will restart in Colorado in the near future and if so, you will be notified here. Or you can come visit Amy at the new Michigan Nontra opening soon.

Welcome to Nontra - a sacred sex temple located in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado! This group is for those souls who want to learn how they can harness the potent power of their orgasm and sexual energy to awaken, improve their life, and manifest what they desire. I teach a combination of spirituality and sexuality as a means of evolving and growing and remembering your authentic self. This is not a dating site or a hook-up site. If that is your desire, there are plenty of groups for you, please remove yourself from this group. Do NOT private message other members of this community! I have created a process called Intentional Orgasm, which combines ancient spiritual practices with empowered sacred sexual energy. I teach you how to release all of the negative energy, old programming and conditioning that has been blocking your authentic soul energy from shining forth. I help you heal old wounds, and then open up your energy channels. This involves guided meditation, aura cleansing, chakra opening, soul retrieval, cap removal and DNA activation. Then I give you, or teach you to give your partner, a full body sensual tantric elemental touch energy balancing massage designed to activate all of your senses and increase the energy you have at your disposal, ending in orgasm paired with an intention of what you most want to manifest. I do that intense work one on one or with couples at my private studio in Denver, Colorado, and you can find more information including the philosophy behind my practice, pricing and specific details on my website: \\ I also recently wrote a book about it called "Intentional Orgasm: Changing the World, One Orgasm at a Time" which is available on Amazon and Kindle. Sexual energy is Source Energy - it is the vehicle by which we all came here, through an orgasm. So, it should also be the most powerful, creative, honest, trust-worthy energy we can work with. But, for most of us, there is too much negative energy from the world that blocks us, holds us trapped in fear/guilt/shame. When you get that out of the way, you can then set a pure intention and utilize the explosive creative power of your own orgasm to propel the intention out into the universe. I believe you can take any spiritual or consciousness practice, and pair it with your own orgasm as an anchor point back to you. I will be using this page primarily to promote this practice, and other sacred sex positive practices, in group settings. I will also be hosting other conscious sacred sexuality workshops on a variety of topics - tantra, nude yoga, sacred sex art, sex toy demonstrations, use of nature's medicine on sexual journeys, erotic body painting, multi hand sensual massage groups, Shamanic Drum Masturbation Journey, Jack Church, etc. My current group workshops include: Orgasmic Sensation Experience which is for singles and couples. Intentional Orgasm for Couples, which is only for couples or paired individuals; Yoni Steaming; Shamanic Drumming Sacred Self Pleasure Journeys; Pot Passion and Play Parties; Queer Play Parties, Womens Temple, Erotic Art playshops; and Rumi, a Feast of the Senses. Sexual intercourse, oral sex, kissing and exchange of bodily fluids does not occur at my workshops. I do host a monthly conscious play party where that is allowed. This is first and foremost a spiritual community not a sex club. Know the distinction! I host these group workshops at my new sacred sex temple in Evergreen, Colorado in a private retreat like setting in the forest called "Nontra". This is a private membership club. No drop-ins will ever be allowed - pre-paid tickets will always be required to receive the address. This is very important! If you’ve read this far, congratulations to you! To be a member of this group, you need to be able to read everything thoroughly, do your own research, not require any handholding, and most important, you must must must pre-purchase a ticket to attend and, do not ever RSVP on here until AFTER you have purchased your ticket! If people continue to disregard this instruction, you will get one warning, and then I will remove you from my group. I need people here that are capable of independent thought and independent action and are detail oriented. So, if you cannot follow directions and read things thoroughly, you will naturally weed yourself out of my space. I will also occasionally promote other sex positive educational opportunities and events such as Talk Sexy and Kinky Salon - neither are my endeavors but I believe in them and help to promote. If you know of an event or are hosting one, please PM me before posting the event on this page. I am also training other practitioners/facilitators to do my one on one Intentional Orgasm work - if you have always wanted to do sacred sex work for a living, private message me for details about my weekend immersive training programs, and internship opportunities. I create and hold a safe, legal space for you to explore your desires and boundaries and voice around universal spirituality and empowered sexual energy. We will discuss your boundaries, whatever they may be, and they will be strictly honored. Informed consent is mandatory at all of my events. That means, not only verbal consent, but having fully informed discussions about all things before hand. If you violate this or any other safety concern, you will be removed. This is Not a dating site - please do not message members if you have not met them or do not have permission to do so. Please report any concerns to me immediately. Please do not post your photos on any of my events. All interactions are kept strictly confidential. You are required to pre-purchase a ticket for all of my events before you will receive the address. Every event has a very detailed description so you can decide what is right for you. SINGLE MALES!! Unfortunately, I get bombarded by you and I don’t have a lot of patience. Remember, it is an honor that you have been invited into this type of space, so treat it accordingly or you will be removed. You’re allowed to come to any of my events simply by purchasing a ticket, with the exception of my play parties. If that is your primary interest for being here, please kindly remove yourself. This is not a swinger site or a dating site. I offer my play parties as a courtesy to those that are interested in my conscious spiritual work. So, as a single male, you will first need to write me a full essay on informed consent and boundaries, and explain a few examples of how you have negotiated that in these open sexuality realms. Then you’ll also need to attend one of my conscious events to be vetted, before you will be allowed to attend one of my play parties. In the future, as soon as it set up, I am also going to require you to attend a “consent class“ that will be offered by the center in Denver. If you disregard this, and purchase a ticket anyway, I will keep that as a donation to the temple, and you will be removed from the group and banned from my events. Again, you need to be able to read thoroughly and follow directions, or I have no interest in you being in my space. My goal is to set this up like a Sex-Church with sex positive classes, workshops and events almost every day. The current schedule will include: Shamanic Drumming Self Pleasure Journeys Sensual/Sexy Ecstatic Dances Group or Couples Intentional Orgasm - Meditation and Massage Open House Women's Temple Sexy/Spiritual Movie & Cuddle Night Naked Yoga Yoni Whispering Orgasmic Sound Healings Erotic Art l Body Painting Yoni Steaming Singles Mixer Puja Feel free to email any questions to owner/creator of Nontra, Amy McBain, at I look forward to meeting each of you, and growing this community together! We can indeed change the world, one orgasm at a time! ;) Namaste, Amy