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What we’re about

Welcome to No Reservations, a vibrant and diverse community breaking free from the traditional confines of the four-wall church and transcending denominational lines. At No Reservations, we strive to create a space for all – regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or faith.

Our community extends beyond those with an established faith home to include the "spiritual nones," the "spiritual but not religious," and those who have veered away from conventional faith models. We cultivate an open community for those questioning, seeking, and wishing to manifest their faith, actively encouraging social justice participation and reflective social commentary.

At No Reservations, we cherish the entirety of the human experience through shared meals, theological discussions, and fellowship at themed events. If you feel overlooked by traditional church models, if you seek a community of like-minded individuals, or if you aspire to redefine 21st-century Christianity, we invite you to join us!