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What we’re about

Welcome to the Ladies Dining Group of Northern MA & Southern NH!

Are you looking to expand your circle of friends by going out for dinner, cocktails, or brunch with like-minded women? Join our dynamic and diverse group to meet other local women who have a positive outlook, love to laugh, and have a great time.

Our group exclusively caters to women who are friendly, outgoing, classy, sincere, respectful, and responsible, while exploring popular/new restaurants and trying new activities.

Women from all backgrounds, married or single, MA/NH natives, or new to the area are welcome.

Please share ideas for other restaurants or activities on our message board. Check our calendar often - there will be plenty of activities in the upcoming months.
If you RSVP or are on a waitlist for an event, please check back as the date nears, as all communications will be posted on the event page.

Please make sure your notifications are turned on. This will make certain that you are notified when events are posted as well as any other communications.

At least one event is scheduled each week - weekday, weeknight and weekend events included. When events are scheduled the attendee limit may originally start low (6 attendees) when we post. If there is a lot of interest, we do our best to contact the venue to determine if we can increase the number of attendees. Often the attendee list it is determined by the venue; as we know many restaurants are short staffed.

Our group is very active; the majority of our events are posted well in advance to provide ample time to plan. If you would truly like to attend an event, it is highly recommended that you RSVP or join the waitlist, as the attending list changes. Often many of the cancellations occur the day prior to an event. Be certain that your notifications are turned on you will be notified if you have been moved from the wait list to attending.

If you RSVP, you are expected to arrive on time. Please be respectful of other members, as there are times that the restaurant will not seat our party until the whole party has arrived. This will cut into the time allocated for our party by the restaurant.

I**f you find that your schedule has changed, please be considerate and respectful to other members by changing your RSVP as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours of the scheduled event to allow those who are on the waitlist the opportunity to attend.

We understand that life happens, and emergencies do arise, but we do not condone no-shows or day-of cancellations. If you cancel on the day of an event, you may be marked as a no-show.

Unfortunately, “No-Shows” have become an issue with some members. As a result, if any member has any no-shows on their attendance record, that member may be removed from an event’s attending list in favor of a member with perfect attendance. Multiple no-shows without communication will result in removal from the group.

WAITLISTS: The waitlist auto-populates. When a member on the attending RSVP list changes their RSVP, the next member is added to the attending list. Quite often, those who are on the waitlist may be automatically added to the "ATTENDING" list. It is your responsibility to remain updated if an opening becomes available. If for any reason you change your mind and decide not to attend an event, it takes a few minutes for you to update your RSVP to “NOT GOING”.

- This is a Ladies Only Group, Sorry Guys!
- We DO NOT condone no-shows or day of cancellations, petty drama, disrespect, gossiping, racism, or harassment. The Ladies Dining Group of Northern MA / Southern NH reserves the right to determine who remains a member or who will be removed from our private group for any reason at any time.

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