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What we’re about

Welcome to the North Houston Fighting Obesity Meetup! This group is for those of us who have more than 25 lbs on our body.  It's hard being obese. Those who have a few pounds to lose don't quite understand the struggle. The struggle that continues even years after weight loss occurs. Sometimes weight gain returns because there is no accountability and no support and the exercise becomes stale.

If you are tired of the struggle to lose and maintain your weight loss.  If you are concerned about your health.  If you are concerned about what you are teaching your kids.  If you have tried every "DIET" plan out there which only results in losing to gain more than when you started.  If you have had "ENOUGH!"  Or any other such issues, this group may be for you.

This program can be done with or without products but works faster and more effectively and more easily with products.  But come join us to see if it is for you!  

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