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Welcome to the North Bank Community!

We are a community of people and companies who see opportunity. Each of us brings value that makes the community stronger.

Our region is growing and with it the opportunity for us to create and learn from each other. North Bank Innovations is at the epicenter of the startup ecosystem connecting all it hubs and those in it.

Our business-friendly city is in the process of creating a new Waterfront with prime waterfront mixed-use real estate, city park, Public Pier, park, amphitheater and more. It's basically a new downtown just beginning construction of its first building! What an amazing time to be involved in business here.

And startups are the mortar that builds the technical workforce as well as drive innovation, thinking and energy that can help shape the city.

It's an amazing time to start a company in Southwest Washington and North Bank Innovations is here to support the people who see that vision.

Dave Barcos

Upcoming events (2)

Founders Happy Hour

Needs a location

OK, We think Covid is in our rear view. I 'm ready to look at this great group through the windshield.
Let's give a happy hour a shot in the new COVID Normal!

For the most part we want people building things to show up. Welcome creators!!!!

One simple rule simple rule:

  • If you have COVID; Don't show up.
  • If you think you have COVID; Don't show up
  • If you have been isolated and properly distanced 98.6% of the time: Then show up and expect we will likely be non-masked and trusting you are responsible.

Outside that we will grab a table on the patio (bring a jacket! It's spring in the Northwest!) come out and meet the other crazy founders and co-founders in our midst.

North Bank Founders Caffeine Fix

Needs a location

Welcome All Founders and Tech Pros

• What we'll do
You will drink coffee (and tea for those who are recovering caffeine addicts) and talk with other great founders and companies in our local area.

• What to bring
Nada. Just a friendly demeanor and willingness to meet new great founders and talk about your project.

• Important to know
This is REALLY not the place you want to come if you are looking for sales leads. This event is a place to meet and share your startup journey and talk about your project. While we appreciate all the members of our community, network marketing and sales reps will find many short unuseful conversations in this crowd. Thanks for understanding.

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North Bank Founders Caffeine Fix

Needs a location

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