Tormach Training - CNC Milling Machine


Tormach Training

Course Length - 5 hours
We'll pause for a lunch break at noon.
Course Fee - $125
Max 4 students

Learn how to use the Tormach CNC Milling Machine. We will go through some CAM basics through Fusion 360. We'll convert a CAD drawing into a CAM file. We'll create basic tool paths to generate a G-code for the Tormach.

We'll spend roughly 3 hours in class and 2 hours at the machine.
You'll learn how to square a vice properly, set your offsets, learn about the fundamentals of machining such as feed and speeds, machining chips, properly measuring tools and so much more.

- Knowledge of CAD & CAM
- Experience on a CNC 3 axis machine such as the Shopbot.

Class will take place in the main meeting room at 125 Adelaide St.

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