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What we’re about

North Korea is the most isolated country on the planet.  There are no modern nations in this world that can compare to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.  In order to learn about and take action regarding this modern day enigma, we must band together. 

The North Korea Network is a connection, a strategic forum of individuals - North Korea Watchers - interested in North Korea.  Whatever your interest may be, this is the place to meet other like-minded individuals.  We may not all hold the same views, and in fact it is in our different ideas that we will find the most interesting discussions.

We are dedicated to open dialogue about North Korea, including human rights, freedom, security, trade, and other issues.  Interested members may be employees of policy or research institutes, government employees, students, or individuals interested in North Korea.

Most events are hosted by other organizations, but we will also occasionally host our own events.  Most events will be about North Korea, but could be about other related countries or issues.  Most events will be in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area, but some special events in other cities may be posted.

IMPORTANT RSVP INFORMATION:  Please follow all RSVP and registration instructions!  Most events have separate registration requirements (Facebook, Eventbrite, email, etc.) and RSVPing through Meetup will not guarantee your admission to an event.  Please follow all instructions carefully!

MEMBERS OF THE PRESS:  Unless otherwise noted, please assume all events - especially those hosted directly by the North Korea Network - are informal and off the record.  Recording and photography are not allowed without explicit consent.

Outside events may be on the record and could be recorded, televised, or photographed.  Please pay particular attention if you are not comfortable being quoted, having your image or likeness displayed online or on television, or are not authorized to speak on behalf of your organization or employer.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR:  All members are expected to be professional, cordial, and courteous.  We do not expect that we will all agree on every topic or issue, but regardless of any disputes we must conduct ourselves appropriately.

If you have questions or are interested in partnering with or sponsoring the North Korea Network or co-hosting an event, please contact Jason West or Shaquille James through the meetup messaging system.