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Do you love dancing? Tribalheart Ecstatic dance creates space for free-form movement in a chat free zone where you can dive deeply into the heart, reconnecting, expressing, dancing in and out, up and down, learning to let go of anything and everything that holds you back from yourSelf and inner freedom. Let the energy move you, let the spirit of the heart guide you. There is space to dance alone and no pressure to connect with anyone else, just be yourself and honour what you need in the moment. This night is an inspiration and fusion of club culture, dancing yoga, active meditation, contact improv, Ecstatic trance dance (blindfolds available) and a sacred Nataraj. If you choose to connect, it is a chance to meet others without words from a place of movement, meditation, energy and soul; eyes and heart wide open. The evening We will start the evening with a welcoming warmup to relax the body and mind. Together we will set an intention for the evening inviting the heart to open and awaken within us thus creating sacred space for all. We will be using breathwork and for those that wish to partake, we will enjoy and deepen our intention with a short Cacao ceremony. (The cacao is used to take us deeper into our body, awakening our senses, connecting us to heart energy and aiding a spring in our step) PLEASE AVOID COFFEE OR EATING A HEAVY MEAL FOR AT LEAST 3 HOURS IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE CACAO Music We inject passion into sourcing the music for our events and aim to deliver an eclectic mix of genres for your heart. From tribal to electronic and everything in between we aim to assist a natural flow peaking and resting to mirror the rhythm and energy of life. Prepare to shake, spin, whirl and twirl. The music becomes the facilitator during the wild ecstatic dance ending with moments of stillness into silence where we can rest and breathe together. Community On a local scale, we are starting out bringing you this dance on the first Saturday night of every month moving shortly to bi-monthly. We have a vision of creating community and therefore invite experienced enthusiasts to contact the host regarding dj’ing for the ecstatic dance set. On a larger scale, we are preparing to join the movement that is passionate about spreading ecstatic dance around the globe. If you would like to start your own ecstatic dance please check out their website for plenty of excellent guidance. London needs more ecstatic dance sessions throughout the days of the week! Let us join forces! Contact Tara [masked] for more advice around this if needed Admission Cost is on a sliding scale £20 £15 low wage/student You can prepay via paypal using email address= [masked] (If money is a problem join our team of volunteers:0 please contact Tara 24 hours before the event. We have space for up to 3 volunteers a night. Volunteer Hours 6:30pm-11:15pm 730pm-Doors open for dancing and tea 8pm-start 1030pm- teas and treats Bring a bottle of water and an open mind! Bring your friends! For further information please contact- Tara[masked] About Tara McGuinness has been facilitating dance, movement and meditation groups under Tribalheart since 2007. She is a lover of all types of dance, meditation, massage, breathwork and many many other nourishing things. Tara qualified in Mental health nursing in 1998 and worked as a specialist addictions nurse for over 15 years. She decided to leave working for the system to set up her own private practice in 2012 offering everything that had ever or currently is inspiring her path of self – love. Tara trained and developed in various methods over the years from bodywork, tantra, shamanism, hypnotherapy, psychosexual somatics and breathwork which she blends into her various groups and thriving 1:1 practise

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What we're about

New comers to meditation especially welcome.

Active meditations were designed by Osho with us westerners in mind. It can be challenging with our hectic lifestyles, full of stimulus to just sit down and switch off into silence. How many times have you heard people say' I just can't meditate, my mind is too busy, my body cannot be still etc...'

Active meditations were designed by Osho to use the body and breath first, enabling us to 'empty our vessel ' through physical movement breath-work and/or using sound. By doing this we release pent up emotions and tension in the body so that we are more able to reach inner stillness, silence and meditation

On the third Saturdays of the month we will have a monthly Osho Dynamic meditation at Lauderdale House which is situated on the entrance to Waterlow Park; an easy walk from Archway tube which is on the Northern line. Meditations are open for everyone to join in!! Regular practice is so healthy and beneficial for mind and body in this day and age. If you cannot afford the suggested fee to join us for a meditation class please ask for an alternative payment plan. Nobody is refused at our meditation classes!

Periodically through the months we will also offer classes and workshops to practice other active meditations by Osho. So far on the menu is:-

Kundalini meditation

Nadabrahma meditation

Chakra breathing meditation

Chakra sounds meditation

A few other offerings will also be advertised on this web page mainly for conscious dance/movement classes and breathwork sessions.


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