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I am setting up this group to create a space for doing OSHO active meditations and would be delighted for anyone wishing to join me to come along. New comers to meditation especially welcome.

Active meditations were designed by Osho with us westerners in mind. It can be challenging with our hectic lifestyles, full of stimulus to just sit down and switch off into silence. How many times have you heard people say' I just can't meditate, my mind is too busy, my body cannot be still etc...'

Active meditations were designed by Osho to use the body and breath first, enabling us to 'empty our vessel ' through physical movement breath-work and/or using sound. By doing this we release pent up emotions and tension in the body so that we are more able to reach inner stillness, silence and meditation.

On the first Saturday mornings of the month we will interchange between the many active meditations designed by Osho. These meditations will be held in the small but cosy Urban temple, or weather permitting outdoors in Waterlow park, Highgate.

So far on the menu is:-

Kundalini meditation

Nadabrahma meditation

Chakra breathing meditation

Chakra sounds meditation

On the third Saturdays of the month we will have a monthly dynamic meditation in Hargrave Hall which is on the Northern line of the tube and you will exit at Archway! A few other offerings will also be advertised on this web page mainly for conscious dance and movement classes.

Meditations are open for everyone to join in!!Regular practice is so healthy and beneficial for mind and body in this day and age. If you cannot afford the suggested fee to join us for a meditation class please ask for an alternative payment plan. Nobody is refused in meditation classes due being on a low wage.

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