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We meet for friendly discussions sharing the incredible things we have attracted and how we continue to develop our awareness. Some of our discussions have been inspired from reading books like "The Secret" and "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting". The discussions are fun and it's great to connect with others that speak the same language.

The group attracts both seasoned manifestor's as well as those who are just beginning to understand. In addition to monthly discussions, I offer group workshops for those who want to learn more.

Costs: Most of the events have a charge, though we are hoping to add some free gatherings as well.

Attendance policy:

1. RSVP "YES" only when your intention to come is 100%. Space is typically limited and every "yes" is very important.

2. Arrive on time and never "No Show." Members who don't show up deprive the members on the waiting list.

3. If you can't attend for some reason, change your RSVP and notify the organizer.

4. If you paid online in advance, refund is offered only if you cancel your attendance in 24 hours.

Thank you,

Lauren L'Amour, Meetup Organizer and Head Coach

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Learn how to Leverage the Law of Attraction and Grow your Business

Bertucci's Italian Restaurant

***Attention all business owners*** On January 24th, we begin the series of lunch and learn Master Classes where I will be teaching you how to leverage the Law of Attraction to grow your business and your dreams. It’s guaranteed you will leave inspired, with new and practical ideas to begin attracting more business right away. This is a fabulous opportunity to meet other high powered, like-minded entrepreneurs as well. *** I only have 8 seats left *** Seats are very limited and will go fast so if you know you want to be there please make your reservation by making payment to: Paypal.me/lifevisionary/11. Your payment covers your lunch, gratuity, and tax. (Details on ordering below *) The Master Class is free! ********************************************* * Your payment includes soup, salad, and sandwich. Once you make payment, I'll contact you for your order preference and your lunch will be waiting for you when you get to Bertucci's. The Master Class is free!

Manifest More through Love


Manifest More through Love- Learn how to tap into the power of the Heart Chakra, activate your intuition and manifest more through love. To hold your space you must make payment to Paypal.me/lifevisionary/15

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Manifesting More with Vision Boards

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