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Qigong at John Braithwaite with Lynne
Qigong Only Classes with Lynne Cove During this hour you will be able to follow a wide variety of Qigong exercises led by Lynne Cove. Fees: To register for this meetup call[masked] Wednesdays from 9am-10am Fridays from 9:30am - 10:30am What will you learn? Learn many different forms of Qigong that you can practice as home such as: - 8 pieces of Silk & Brocade (Baduan Qigong) - Qigong on Wei Lei Mountain - 18 Movements - 5 Elements - Balancing the Heart Qigong - Medical Qigong - Qigong to improve balance - EFT exercises - And much more

John Braithwaite Community Centre

145 West 1st Street · North Vancouver, BC

What we're about

Public Group


We meet regularlys all throughout the year. New students can easily startup 3-4 months.

Classes start: January-March, April-July, No classes in August, and then September-December.

We welcome new-to-qigong or tai chi practitioners from all over the Lower Mainland.

Drop-ins are welcome anytime in the Qigong or Qigong Tai Chi Fusion Classes.

If you want to start learning Tai Chi, we recommend that you try to sign up as close to the beginning of every new session. After a Newbie learns the basics, Tai Chi is learned "one movement" at a time, and so trying out tai chi is best from the beginning. However, with that said, there are special BASICS classes that are sometimes held mid-session so that Newbies who were unable to start in either January, April or September, will get a chance to do so.


• John Braithwaite - Wednesdays and Fridays

• Presentation House - Anne MacDonald Hall, Fridays

• North Shore Neighbourhood House, Tuesdays and Thursdays

• Highlands United Church Gym, Saturdays

• Lions Bay Community Hall in Lions Bay, Tuesdays


• Highlands United Church Gym

• North Shore Neighbourhood House.

These locations include those which are taught by Instructors: Lynne Cove, Josie Loehrich and Maggie Witzsche.


At John Braithwaite on Wednesdays & Fridays

Below is a list of all the starting dates for Qigong Only Sessions. However, you can drop into any Qigong meetup.

Meetup dates:

Class 1 - Qigong Only - Wednesdays - 9am ; AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION, All levels

Class 2 - Tai Chi Only - Wednesdays - 10:45am AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION, All levels

Class 3 - Qigong Only - Fridays at 9:30am AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION, All levels

This set of meetups at John Braithwaite are very popular. Hosted by Master Instructor Lynne Cove, assisted by Sifu Josie Loehrich or Maggie Witzsche on Wednesdays and Fridays (as a substitute instructors), these meetups are often full. If you wish to join in for a drop-in, and have never been to class before, please try to arrive a few minutes early! To register for this class call John Braithwaite directly. 604-983-6471


At North Shore Neighbourhood House on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Class 4 - Tai Chi - Tuesdays & Thursdays starting Tuesday

These classes are on-going and focus mostly on Tai Chi. There is a small Qigong portion to each class. These meetups are twice a week on both Tuesday and Thursday.

These classes have two instructors to help: Josie Loehrich and/or Maggie Witzsche.

8:30am - 10am - Beginners - Newbies should attend at 8:30am. Intermediates and Advanced will also start warm-up at 8:30am.


To register for these classes call: 604-987-8138, press O for Registration.

Class 5 - Qigong and Tai Chi Fusion - Thursday Evenings - 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Sign up for this Qigong and Tai Chi Fusion class. You will be taught a little of both so that it will help you to understand the differences between the two. These classes fill up so sign up by phoning the number at the North Shore Neighbourhood House as soon as you can.

Phone North Shore Neighbourhood House to register: 604-987-8138, press O for Registration.


At Highlands United Church Gymnasium - To register for all these classes below, just show up on Day 1 of the class



Class 6: - 8:45am - 24 form (full, unless you have experience in first half of 24 form)

Class 7: 9:45am - Yin Yang Taiji (full)

Class 8: 10:45am - Qigong - Open for Registration

Class 9: 11:30am - NEWBIES TAI CHI - THIS IS OPEN for all Newbies or those who have some experience but want to review their basics in 24 form.


Class 10: 4:15pm-5:00pm - Newbies Tai Chi

Class 11: 5pm-5:45pm - The Taiji Fan (Full)

Class 12: 5:45pm - 6:45pm - 51 form sword (FULL)


Location 4: Lions Bay Community Hall

Class 13: 11:15am on Tuesdays - This is a Qigong Tai Chi Fusion Class




Tai Chi - 9:30am-10:30am, (GREAT for Newbies)

Qigong - 10:30am-11:20am (GREAT for Newbies)



Not sure what you are? Beginner or Intermediate? Email us at taichiplayers @

*** Please ignore the "attendance" total on any of our calendars. Our classes are very popular but few ever RSVP. Just drop in and you'll see for yourself !!

You can reserve your spot in class by phoning

John Braithwaite - Registration: 604-983-6471 or

The North Shore Neighbourhood House - Registration: 604-987-8138 or

Highlands United Church Location - Registration: 604-986-9276

Lions Bay Community Hall - Registration: 604-986-9276

Delbrook Recreation Centre - Registration: 604-987-7529

Why Should I learn Qigong or Tai Chi?

Learning and practicing Qigong and Tai Chi with a group helps you with various health or personal issues you might be struggling with. If you aren't struggling with any personal issues right now, these Meet Ups will help you maintain the great health and happiness that you already have. It is a very warm and welcoming group.

Lynne Cove has been active in the field of Wellness for over 30 years. Teaching Qigong has been her passion for many years.

The practice of Qi Gong & Tai Chi is ideal if:

You are looking to be fit without damaging your body.

You want to improve the amount and quality of your energy.

You are recovering from injury, stroke or surgery.

You have arthritis, osteoporosis or chronic pain.

Learn many different forms of Qigong that you can practice as home such as:

5 Animals (Wu Qin Xi)

8 pieces of Silk & Brocade (Baduan Jin Qigong)

Yi Jin Jing (Muscle & Tendon Strengthening and Stretching)

Qigong on Wei Lei Mountain

18 Movements

5 Elements

Balancing the Heart Qigong

Medical Qigong

Qigong to improve balance

Qigong Meditation

EFT exercises ... And much more.

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