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Check out our Calendar on Meetup or contact us at taichispirit@shaw.ca

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ONE In-person Location and also LIVE - ON ZOOM


During the week of September 7th, we are starting LIVE on Zoom Classes and well as IN-PERSON tai chi at our HIghlands United Church Gym location in North Vancouver.

Tuesday Mornings - Live On Zoom - Rejuvenating Health & Medical Qigong

Wednesdays Early Evening - Live On Zoom PLUS In-Person at Highlands - Tai Chi (the 108 plus Double Fan Form)

Thursday Mornings - Live on Zoom - Tai Chi Basics for Newbies, Yin Yang Tai Chi, plus 32 form Sword Review in the mornings.

Thursday Evenings - 6:30pm-7:30pm - Live on Zoom - Rejuvenating Health & Medical Qigong

Saturday Mornings - Yin Yang Tai Chi, Health and Medical Qigong, plus the 10 form for Newbies, Beginners or more advanced students who want to practice a meditative short form

CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR... FOR ALL THE dates and times... then email taichispirit@shaw.ca for REGISTRATION INFORMATION.

If you want additional UP TO DATE information, email taichispirit@shaw.ca and ask to be put on the email list. Please provide your first and last name, email address, and approximate location where you reside.

Important Note: If you are interested in attending but it is past the 2nd or 3rd class at the start of the session: Either January - March, April - June and July, September - December, then please EMAIL US first so that we can determine if there is space for you in the class as well as whether or not DROP-INS are still permitted.

PRE-COVID LOCATIONS - We hope to be back to In-Person Classes soon...

IN SUMMARY, here are the location options:

1) Highlands United Church - North Shore Tai Chi Spirit

Main Tai Chi Qigong Location: 3255 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver.

Classes are on Wednesdays, early evening, and Saturday mornings. Check out the options for Newbies. Registration is on the first day you attend classes. Cash/Cheque only please.

Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:45pm, plus 5:45pm-6:45pm

2) Presentation House-Anne MacDonald Hall - 333 Chesterfield, North Vancouver.

Tai Chi Only, 9:30am-10:30am. To register, contact us at taichispirit@shaw.ca or by phone.Limited space at this location. All students must pre-register.

3) North Shore Neighbourhood House - 225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver.

Newbies will want to pre-register their interest by emailing taichispirit@shaw.ca. You can attend at the NSNH and pay on your first day, or call 604-987-8138 for more information.

Morning Classes at NSNH

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings: 8:30am-10am. If you are new to this location you can reserve your spot in class so as to not be disappointed the class is full. Email taichispirit@shaw.ca. If you are

a Newbie, there is a special 8 session set of classes for you to try it out. There are two Instructors.

Evening Classes at NSNH

North Shore Neighbourhood House Evening Classes are from 7:30pm-8:30pm. This is a Fusion class of both Tai Chi & Qigong

4) Lions Bay Community Hall - Community Hall in Lions Bay,

Tuesdays from 11:15am-12:15pm. Registration is on the first day you attend classes. Cash/Cheque only please. This is a tai chi qigong fusion class.

5) John Braithwaite Community Centre - 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver. Registration is by phone or online. Phone 604-983-6471 or 604-987-7529. This is a Qigong Only class. It is from 8:45am-9:45am


Please call 604-986-9276 or e: taichispirit@shaw.ca if you have any questions.

If you are wanting a Newbie/Beginner Tai Chi class it is important to try to start your classes at the beginning of a session. The first few classes will teach you "the foundation" of the tai chi movements. If you can't make it to the first or second class, it is important that you email taichispirit@shaw.ca and ask if the option to join in is still available. If you are starting after the 2nd or 34d week there is always the option to have a private or semi-private lesson so that you can catch up to the other students in a more timely manner.

If you are wanting to join in a QIGONG TAI CHI Fusion class, then DROP-INS are available anytime. You can follow along easily with what is being taught in the class. It is not essential that you memorize the movements. However, these classes fill up very fast so it is important you reserve your spot as soon as possible by registering early, if that is one of the options for that location.

Both Tai Chi & Qigong have very similar benefits to health, wellness, better balance and reduced stress. If you are not sure with what works in your schedule, don't hesitate to email us.


Who are we?

The North Shore Tai Chi Spirit & Chinese Health Qigong is a group of people who are interested in learning and practicing tai chi and qigong.

The North Shore Tai Chi & Qigong Instructors, teaching at five locations, specialize in teaching beginners the basics.

We have many groups of people whose experience ranges from

• Brand new to tai chi & qigong (also called Newbies)

• Beginners level 2 (those who have completed at least one beginner form) and

• Intermediates (those who have completed at least one intermediate form plus at least one beginner form).

Our main interest is practicing tai chi to help us improve and/or maintain health. We hope you'll join us one day soon.


OPTIONS FOR NEWBIES/BEGINNERS: If you need more detail or would like a complete outline of the Newbie, Beginner options please email us at taichispirit@shaw.ca . We will send you a complete list of what is available for the current sessions: Sept-Dec, Jan-March, April-July.

If you are not sure which class is right for you, or have any tai chi and qigong related questions, please email us at taichispirit@shaw.ca or phone at 604-986-9276. Leave your name and phone number and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Tai Chi in the Gymnasium at Highlands United Church

Address: 3255 Edgemont Boulevard, in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver.

In the large Highlands Church Gymnasium.


Highlands is located at the north end of the beautiful Edgemont Village.

Two entrances to the Gym - Through the Lower Parking Lot Courtyard, located on the south side of the building shown in the picture here (left side) or in through the Highlands "Office" Door, located on the north side of the building, and down the stairs to the Gym.


TO REGISTER: Attend about 15 - 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for the first class. Cash or Cheque only please.

QUESTIONS? Want to reserve your spot in class? Email us at taichispirit @ shaw.ca


Tai Chi at North Shore Neighbourhood House

Address: 225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver (Lower Lonsdale – East)



Classes run on Thursday Qigong & Tai Chi Fusion: 7:30pm - 8:30pm...

and/or Tuesday AND Thursday morning Tai Chi... 8:30am - 10am.


Lions Bay Community Hall. CLASSES run on Tuesdays at 11:15am


NEW LOCATION: Presentation House, Anne MacDonald Centre

Address: 333 Chesterfield, North Vancouver. New classes are on Fridays. Tai Chi at 9:30am


Tai Chi & Qigong at John Braithwaite Community Centre

Address: 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver (Lower Lonsdale – West).


For more information on these classes please go to: http://www.meetup.com/northshoreqigong .

Qigong Only: Wednesdays at 8:45am



If you are a beginner please email taichispirit@shaw.ca to confirm your interest in attending one of our meetups or it you want to join mid-session.

Fall Sessions: September – December

Winter Sessions: January – March

Spring & Summer: April – June, plus July

No classes in August

All the specific start and end dates will be on the Calendar and are frequently updated.



* Fully registered student fees vary from location to location. From $6.50 - $10.00 per class. Prices for all classes coming soon. In general, drop-ins are range between $8.00 - $14.00. No drop-ins for Fast Track please. Please check back or email us at taichispirit@shaw.ca


Why join these Tai Chi or Qigong Groups?

First and foremost, the people you meet are wonderful. We call it "The Tai Chi Friendship."

You will build long lasting bonds and cherished connections while you learn an exercise regime that is very healthful. Then, here’s a whole host of other reasons why you will want to try out Tai Chi...

It will help you:
* Gain upper and lower body strength
* Increase flexibility & balance
* Re-build muscles weakened from illness or accident
* Lose Weight
* Increase flow of Qi
* Improve memory, elevate mood, peace of mind
* Scientifically proven to enhance your health.

Tai Chi & Qigong helps:

Chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, many types of arthritis, blood pressure, osteoporosis, headaches, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, back problems, posture.

So come join us. Meet new friends who share your goals! Drop us an email or simply drop on by.

Please check out the ABOUT page to find out more details about each of the forms we teach or practice.

Drop-in and see if either one of these groups and style of teaching suits you.

All the North Shore Tai Chi Spirit and the North Vancouver - West Vancouver Tai Chi Players are very welcoming groups...

Not sure if learning Tai Chi (taijiquan) is for you? Check out our new FAQS and see if we have answered your questions. Go here:




Pick a day and time that works for you.

If you are not pre-registering (some Meetups require it) then just Drop In.

Come early so you can watch the Meetup if it is already in session.

Feel free to come right in the gymnasium or room and have a seat. We welcome all visitors.

What should you wear? Comfortable running shoes (no flip flops or sandles) and loose clothing, like sweat pants, a t-shirt or yoga-type pants.

If you are wanting to attend Qigong, please arrive early and speak to the Instructor just before class starts. All Qigong classes are "follow-the-leader" type classes and do not require any memorization. Tai Chi does require a little extra brain-work, which is part of the reason why it is so good for the mind, body AND soul.

Don't hesitate to call 604-986-9276 and speak to one of the Instructors who can help you decide which Meetup will work best for you.

You might have some rehabilitation issues, illness-related concerns that you might want to share with us before your first Meetup. You can also email us: taichispirit@shaw.ca

These Meetups are about sharing... sharing the love of Taiji & Qigong. We hope you'll join us soon. Don't forget to browse through the rest of this website. There is a ton of information if you are at all interested in tai chi. Enjoy!

The North Shore Tai Chi Spirit has instituted a policy regarding membership. You are welcome to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Upcoming events (5)

Rejuvenating Health & Medical Qigong on ZOOM - Extended to December 2020

HEALTH & MEDICAL QIGONG on ZOOM extended to December Plus IN-PERSON Class options ! We have hybrid events ...and we are excited to tell you all about them. GREAT OPTIONS 1) Tuesdays at 9:30am - Zoom Only - Sept 8 - December 2) Saturdays at 9:45am - On both Zoom plus an In-Person Option with limited spaces. 13 classes from September 12-December 5th 3) Tuesday/Saturday classes - Combo prices available. 4) Wednesday Tai Chi classes - On Zoom & In Person - Sorry, these two classes are FULL 5) Saturday Tai Chi at 8:45am - Still available if you sign up before Sept 26th If you are interested in any of these classes, please email us at [masked] to receive additional information about prices. Check out our tai chi options too on our calendar. MORE DETAILS Our Tuesday, Thursday options have been extended ON ZOOM. We are continuing into December. Tuesday Qigong and Thursday Tai Chi classes will be Zoom Only. See the Thursdays on our Calendar for more information about the Tai Chi The Saturday Qigong classes will be held on both ZOOM and IN-PERSON at Highlands United Church Gym, 3255 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver. • Health and Medical Qigong is an awesome way to help induce calm, relaxation, release stress, depression, grief, and anxiety. • Practicing Qigong builds and circulates energy (Qi or Chi) through the body. Exercises specific to Health Qigong helps the Qi flow unimpeded. The exercises add strength and flexibility. • Qigong is an excellent addition to any walking, cardio or stretching regime that is already in place. • No need to memorize any of the movements… unless you want to. Just follow along, breathe deep and enjoy. • Enjoy practicing many different forms of Qigong with us… and here is a list: - Chinese Health Qigong: Baduan Jin – 8 pieces Silk & Brocade; Yi Jin Jing – Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Qigong; Liu Zi Jue – Six Healing Sounds; Wu Qin Xi – 5 Animals Qigong; Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang – Taiji Stick Health Preservation Exercises , Qigong on Wei Lei Mountain, 18 Movements, 5 Elements, Swimming Dragon, Balancing the Heart Qigong, Medical Qigong, Qigong to Relieve Anxiety & Stress, Healthy Organ Qigong, Rejuvenating Face and Body Qigong, and more…PLUS… Breathing Exercises & Meditation, Fang Song Gong Meditation, Good Posture, Balance & Stability Training and “The Dance of Qi” • YOU CAN INVITE YOUR FRIENDS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Since we launched our first on-line Qigong classes in April 2020 students have Zoomed in from West and North Vancouver, Lions Bay, Eastern Canada, Eastern & Western United States, South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK, Northern British Columbia, and Vancouver Island. • The Saturday and/or Tuesday Health and Medical Qigong classes provide great continuity when taken together. You will learn more, remember more and practice more of the movements you love. They are excellent for all levels of fitness, mind & body.

108 Tai Chi Form Review w/ North Shore Tai Chi Spirit-In Person or Live on Zoom

This class requires that all students will have learned the 108 Sections 1-4. All students will review section 5 and 6 plus everyone will enjoy following along in this form, the entire way through. Joining this class will help you refine your form, better your posture, remember more easily, and help you experience how your breath and qi are affected as you move slowly through all of the 108 movements. All students taking the In-Person class will also be registered to take Zoom classes just in case an at-home class is required. New students to this class will should email [masked] for further information. Wednesdays, September 8 - December 9th Time: 5pm-6pm In Person at Highlands United Church or Live On Zoom For registration details please email [masked]

DOUBLE Fans Flowing-In Person or Live on Zoom with North Shore Tai Chi Spirit

DUAL FANS FLOWING... LEFT AND RIGHT This multi-fan form (two fans, one dedicated for use to the right hand and another dedicated to the left) will challenge you to better balance, posture, left and right hand coordination, focus, discipline, and above all, patience with yourself. Your hurried mind will slow, you will feel calm and yet invigorated. You will find a sense of flow within yourself. Practicing the form will increase your energy, enhance your muscle tone, flexibility, and ultimately, you will feel your power. Wednesdays In-Person or Live On Zoom - 6pm-7pm In-Person at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver Starts Wednesday, September 9th - December 9th 2020 $140.00 For registration form, please email [masked] MORE DETAILS... This form will test right handers and left handers will finally get to practice using their strong side. The Dual Flow of Tai Chi Fans has a combination of movements that resemble those used in Yang style, Chen style, and Baquazhuang. It is an energetic form designed to enhance your qi and it has many health benefits. It is particularly helpful for those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or neck/shoulder problems. All students will be required to purchase a dedicated right hand only and left hand only fan. This September to December session will introduce the Fan Basics plus Section 1. There is a total of 3 sections. The Dual Fan Form In-Person classes are already full but registering for ZOOM is still possible. Don’t be worried that learning the Fan Form on Zoom will be more challenging. It won’t. It will be the same for all…Just fun!!! There are few tai chi forms suitable for beginners where you literally hold control and power in both hands. The Dual Fan form is one of them.

Yin Yang Tai Chi - Live on Zoom - Classes On Zoom Extended to December

Thursday Morning Tai Chi has been extended on Zoom until December 2020... Come join us ONLINE WITH ZOOM for the Yin Yang Tai Chi See details about this form below. Time: 9:00am-10:00am Live On-Zoom: Contact us for additional details. Email us at [masked] This class will provide all students with a great warm-up and then will give an introduction to the Yin Yang Tai Chi form. If you are interested in this tai chi form, that is suitable for beginners, please email us at [masked] for a Registration Form and all the details you will need to know for either class. YIN YANG Tai Chi All of the taijiquan skills originate from variations and combinations of the Taiji Thirteen Postures. This is the essence of taijiquan, the key that unlocks the secret of all taijiquan. These thirteen basic skills are the foundation of all taijiquan skills. In Yin-Yang Taiji Thirteen Postures, every movement is done on both left and right side for balance. Each movement has its yin and yang, soft and hard counterparts. The movements embody both explicit and hidden power as well as soft and explosive power. The martial application for each side of the movement has its own uniqueness. To make it more diverse, this routine has also included some of the typical movements from Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu Style Taijiquan

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