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What we’re about

Greetings hikers and nature lovers! We would like to encourage naturalists and those with an interest in the natural world to go on walks, hikes, workshops, camps, classes, conservation fundraisers and educational forays with us around Puget Sound, in the North Cascades and Central Washington Canyonlands, and the Olympic Peninsula. We encourage you to become an organizer and post events!

When you are out for a hike, are you curious to learn more about the animals, plants, trees, insects and birds? Would you like to learn more about the ones which have practical uses for food, shelter, fire, medicine, crafts, tools or survival? Do you know which ones can be hazards? Do you know who made that track? Can you tell what the birds are communicating through their vocalizaitons? Maybe you want to know more about how the land was formed, or its history. This is the place to share what you know and hopefully learn from others as well.

Northwest Nature Hikes may have specific goals like birding, marine animals or geocaching. We may want to seek wildflowers in the spring, berries in the summer, or do some snow tracking in the winter, but most will be more open to simply looking and seeing what we can discover along the way. The important thing is that the destination is not the goal. Our goal is to take time to explore, share and learn more about nature and our connection with it.

What to bring: Cell phone and the 10 essentials. See

Optional items: binoculars, notebook, field guides, magnifying lenses, camera

DISCLAIMER: The leaders function as nature facilitators only. By signing up for any event on this site you represent that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of this disclaimer. You accept that hiking, on and off-trail, is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death and that weather and trail conditions can change. You agree to come prepared and by this you acknowledge that you join us on this hike at your own risk. You are responsible for your own safety and agree to hold harmless all organizers and leaders in the event of injury or loss.

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