What we're about

Whether you're an expert or a neophyte in whatever Physics topics we cover, it will be an interesting meeting for all. Come join us on the 2nd Friday of the month and share and discuss your Physics interest and knowledge and have fun while you do!

This is a gem of a Meetup and deserves more members. Whether you have a degree and/or an avid interest in Physics, or want to learn/share something new, come and join in the discussions about all things Physics with like-minded people for a couple of hours. You'll be surprised how interesting this is!

In other words, the group goal is to meet up with other local Physics enthusiasts and intellectuals to discuss theoretical physics fundamentals in order to obtain a deeper understanding of reality. Many new findings challenge the traditional understanding of the physical world. We hope the group interactions help everybody to obtain more profound insight into reality.

Which ever way you put it, this is the group to be in to share your enthusiasm and ideas about all things Physics!

..And after our meeting, those of us who wish to continue, will gather at a quiet local pub nearby. Hope you can join us there too!

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Higher Dimensions of Space - Part II

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The Biggest Ideas in the Universe - #11 - Q&A - RENORMALIZATION

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The Biggest Ideas in the Universe - #11 - RENORMALIZATION

This event has passed

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