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What we’re about

Do you love walking and being in the countryside? Do you want to get to know more like-minded people in the area?

This is primarily a walking group for people in their 20s and 30s to meet other 'outdoorsy' types. We will also put on other activities from time to time and always welcome suggestions.

We are an informal social hill walking group, we are not a club and event organisers are not trained mountain leaders.

Walks are usually about 10 miles, so you'll need to come prepared with appropriate footwear, clothing and sufficient water and food for the day.

The organiser(s) will indicate the expected level of challenge, usually 'moderate', but may be:

  • Easy- Leisurely pace walk, ideal for newcomers to hill walking, but you must still be fit enough to cover the distance in the time allocated.
  • Moderate- You should be physically fit enough to manage a walk of this length and be walking at a consistent moderate pace for around 5 hours. There may be tricky or steep sections, muddy slopes, etc.
  • Challenging- You should be in good fitness, able to walk at a steady pace for up 16 miles, tackle steep climbs and cope with few breaks; there may be challenging scrambles and mild peril.
  • Experienced Only- You should be a regular mountaineer who is up for a challenge. This is not recommended for first timers, and you must be in very good fitness.

Please note that by joining a walk or other activity, you take responsibility for your own actions and participate at your own risk. Bear in mind that the routes planned are not usually pre-walked, so do be patient with your organisers if the footpaths aren't where they are supposed to be!!

Most walks are within a 90-minute drive from Nottingham, there are occasional trips further afield and weekends away.

Don't drive? Some walks will be accessible by public transport but, due to the remoteness of most Peak District walks, this is not always possible. If you are interested in joining a walk but don't drive, please post on the event to see if there are any drivers going from your area willing to offer a lift in exchange for a fuel contribution.

All of our events are free to attend but we do need donations towards the costs of running the group through Meetup to keep it going.

Donate via Monzo (does not require you have an account or the app):

This is not a fee or a membership, we are a free group, but we won't be able to stay on MeetUp if the organisers have to bear the brunt of the platform's cost. A typical donation is £1 per walk attended, regulars usually make a larger annual donation of their choice.

This money is held in a Monzo pot by a group organiser. We keep enough to pay for the next couple of six monthly charges, if we find ourselves with more than is need, we will make a donation to Mountain Rescue or spend it on a group event.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove people from the group if you do not show up without giving at least 6 hours notice for events on 3 separate occasions.