Systems Double Feature: PostCSS-ANT CSS Grid System, Design Systems

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The URL for the livestream tonight will be ( We'll start the stream at 7pm EST, and Cory and Nathan's talks will be archived on YouTube after the event.

It's a New Year!

For our first meetup of 2017 we're doing another double-feature, with a "systems" theme. First, Cory Simmons will be sharing a unique CSS grid system he developed. Then, Nathan Curtis will be talking about design systems.

PostCSS-ANT Grid System

In a time when grid system disillusionment is at an all-time high, one brave man, dares to believe in the power of lining things up with math! "Another complicated tool?" Nay! Tis a simple, composable, API that masks mountains of mind-melting calc formulas like the serenity of fog on a cool summer morn. Fixed sizes, fractions, auto-lengths, easy ratio-sizing, and more, all work together harmoniously in this layout tool for the ages. Ready your mouse and sword brave adventurer! Easy yet great design await thee! Welcome to the age of postcss-ant.

About Cory

Cory Simmons has been called a "grid master" on at least one occasion. Jeffrey Way has called his layout work "incredibly impressive". He created and Lost Grid; won a Site of the Day Awwward; has written for TutsPlus, CSS Tricks, net Magazine, and even a real-life book for Packt Publishing; spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper... And now he's here to present the culmination of several years of obsession in this topic... his final layout tool... his magnum opus... postcss-ant.


And You Thought Designing Buttons Was Easy...

Designers and developers grapple with simple interface decisions all the time, forming the foundation of their product experience. Knowing when to make the right choices can help us anticipate problems early and avoid having to rework elements we’ve already done.

Nathan will show us how we can think deeply about the impact of color, space, and typography to build stable components. He’ll discuss the importance of laying down a strong foundation of visual style, using CSS tokens to synchronize team efforts and weave design decisions throughout components we build.

Nathan will teach you how to:

• create a foundation of visual style to weave throughout the components you build and maintain

• develop an enduring design system by thoughtfully considering color, space, and typography

• propagate design decisions across a portfolio of products and platforms via tokens

About Nathan

Nathan is a founder at EightShapes, a DC-based UX agency. His book Modular Web Design (2009) explored how to deliver & document design systems. He’s since worked to develop design systems at companies like Cisco, Marriott, Capital One, and Yahoo.

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EAI Technologies ( will be providing pizza for this event, and AddThis ( will be providing the venue and beverages. Thanks!