What we're about

Creative Reading & Ideas. Mini th~ink tank opening up possibilities between readers, non-readers, writers, the arts, creatives and folks from all walks of life & disciplines.

Novellas are Quick to read (2-3hours average) but full of creativity.

Join for great books, EVENTS and conversation >> See NEXT BOOKS coming up or feel free to suggest one

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL APPROACH Not everyone likes books but we all read the world around us...so we try to read On & Off the page.

Do you like tuning into your imagination & analytical sense? Ever been moved to action or inspiration by a book?

Do you think the full potential of a book lies in how people/society ‘apply’ and experience it ? We read non-fiction too and concepts for our times and we talk about adaptability potential – because SO many have been made into films, games etc.

Novellas are short but they demand the writer to manoeuvre intriguing ideas & immersive experiences.

They’re often seen as unusual with an illusive mystique – why is that ?

EACH SESSION We chat over wine, coffee etc. enjoying a little atmosphere from reading aloud, sharing quotes, insight and personal responses.... sometimes playing music tracks that you associate with the text.

After that we may :-

• Brainstorm / speculate on the ‘next life’ & adaptations of novellas

• Connect with Writers & Guests

• Appraise books in a more multi-dimensional way

Worst case scenario if you join…..you might wake up with an unexpected book ! or get involved in podcasting, design fictions, creative experiments & processes like collaborative writing to music.

Looking for “inventive rain”....

• Open minded versatile folk from All walks of Life, humanities, disciplines etc.
• Readers, writers, non-readers, lovers of other media / arts and those interested in Creative Process.

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